Kaylee Quotes

I thought I'd share some quotes I've collected over the past year... This kids cracks me up.

*Bringing me my coffee* "Here Mommy, you need some caffeine."

"I don't care about that! I just care about my clothes!"

Kaylee: "When I'm at school, I miss my parents. When I'm at school, they're gonna kill me!"
Nene (my mom): "Kaylee, where did you hear that?"
Kaylee: "Um, I heard it on Thursday."

"Mommy, you're my pretty flower."

Pinky (character in tv show): "I love making up stories, and I bet you can make up stories, too!"
Kaylee: "I don't want to go in the tv and say stories!!"

"Whatchu want now, take it take it, take your frog out... Take your stinky frog out! Chicka wow wow!" (This is a song she made up!)

"Kaylee had a little pig, little pig, little pig. Kaylee had a little pig who's skin was pink as pink!" (Her version of Mary Had A Little Lamb.)

"Mommy, you sound like a komodo dragon and can you please be quiet because you're scaring everybody."

"Mommy, don't be so superstitious."

Girl on tv: "I want to be a firefighter when I grow up. What do you want to be?"
Kaylee: "I don't want to be anything. And I don't grow up!"

(She has her toy dinosaurs lined up by species and her toy cars lined up by color.)
Me: *tries to take pictures*
Kaylee: "Get away from our village!"

(Describing her dinner.) "Slimy, yet satisfying."

"Gee, I have a lot of energy!"

"Mommy, be positive."

(She said this first thing in the morning.) "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kaylee. She woked up, jumped out of bed, and sneaked outside. But it was a secret."

Me: "Do you want soup or mac & cheese?"
Kaylee: "Sorry, I'm not home right now."

"Rockets on deck! Tell me what's next, alien sex!" (From the song ET by Katy Perry with Kanye.)

"Mommy, you're the biggest mommy in the whole world!"

"I feel empty inside."

"I'm going to run away, crying!"

"Don't touch my private area!" (She got that from me telling her not to touch the dog's private area.)

"What the f***, Mommy?!" (Thankfully we nipped that one in the bud!)

"You're pissing me off." (I admit, this one is my fault, but it's the only cuss word that is!)

"How wonderful, how thoughtful!"

Me: "Come here and help me clean up."
Kaylee: "Oookay. But I won't like it!"

"PS He is not getting the moon and PPS when I'm done with him he's going to be begging for mercy!" (She got that from Despicable Me, hahah!)

"Mommy, I can't seem to fly!" *starts to cry, flapping arms*

"The honey farted!"


Cami said…
Oh my. I can't even pick a favorite because they are all way too cute :)
She sounds sooo precious!!
Genevieve said…
Love it, this inspires me to start keeping tabs of the little random thoughts that my kids say.
Carole said…
Lovely post. Great that you shared it with us.
How cute. You should link this up on my Saturday laughs:)

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