Last Night

So last night, Steven had taken Kaylee to go potty, and he yelled, "There's blood!"

Something no mother EVER wants to hear... But I kept it together. I asked the calm questions, checked out the situation, called a nurse at the hospital. I am happy to say that I didn't pass out, lol.

The nurse, who was really nice by the way, even though I was a little snappy, was positive it was just constipation. She suggested I call her pediatrician in the morning and that they would prescribe a laxative and everything would be fine. But the amount of blood... It wasn't truly that much, but it scared me to death.

I feel bad because I knew she wasn't pooping often enough and I knew she wasn't eating enough. I knew these things, but allowed myself to be reassured by people that this was normal and toddlers don't always eat that much. It never even occurred to me that the constipation was CAUSING the lack of appetite. I felt so dumb when the nurse told me that was probably what was happening. She's lost 3 pounds in the past few months, and I did nothing. I let it drop when the pediatrician told me it was probably just a stage, and I am kicking myself for that.

I hope her doctor can suggest some natural things to try before she prescribes a laxative. And I have this fear that she will find some underlying cause for why this is happening. I don't think I'll be able to fully relax until we see the doctor, which we can't until tomorrow. I woke up so many times last night to make sure she wasn't bleeding again.

And do you know what she said to me when I got off the phone with the nurse?

"Don't be sad, Mommy. I'm gonna be just fine. It was just a little bit of blood."

I had kept calm and done my best not to let her hear anything upsetting. But sometimes 3 year olds are much more perceptive than they get credit for. And although I felt bad that she felt the need to comfort me... It was just so sweet. I love that little kid.

I really hope she is back to normal soon. I know it's not that serious of a condition but I can't stand for my baby girl to be any less than perfectly happy and healthy...


Neonica25 said…
Hello stoping by to follow and check out your blog from I Love My Life As a Mommy & a Wife( My little boy when he was about a yr old had the worst time going to the bathroom. he was in terrible pain and he even had a few spots of blood here and there. I took him to a Gastro Dr because my baby Dr wouldn't help me and I couldn't stand to see him in pain anymore. The Gastro Dr told me to get benefiber and mix it with his milk or juice or whatever he was drinking to help him go softer and better. To me that seemed alil better then just putting him on a laxative. I did and it fixed the problem for him and he straightend right out in the first month. If you don't like the idea of the laxative.. maybe try some benefiber. It worked from me.
AWW! Very true,kids are much more perceptive than us! They can be so sensitive to things even we adults are not!

I remember when my aunt went to get herself treated for months in a home cum hospital! Her kids(my cousins) missed her like crazy and then her youngest son was showing off all his toys ,laying everything in front of her just to you know show how much they'd missed spending quality time together as mother and child!! :)Really adorable kids are! There's nothing precious than them :)
Sue said…
Hope she's feeling better. :)
Posh said…
What a sweetie. We've all been through similar situations.

Stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow.
Have a great day!
Theresa said…
As an ulcerative colitis sufferer, I take blood in the stool very seriously. While your daughter might be a bit too young to have UC, I have heard of cases where younger children have it.

I'm sure it was probably the constipation that set off the bleeding, but please be sure you are regularly checking her stool for a bit longer and make sure the pediatrition is very thorough in her check up.
I hope she is feeling better very soon. I need to find a natural laxative for my 3 year old. She was constipated a few months ago.
My three year old and two year old have battled this for the past few months. They would go about 3 days without going and I would start to get very worried. I mentioned it to their pediatrician about a month ago, and she recommended Miralax! She said to use half a cap, and if it doesn't do the trick, add a little bit more. I have done this a few times for both of my kids, with good results. I just add it into their sippy cup of juice or milk. It usually takes about half of a day to one day to help, but eventually it helps!

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