Holding hands in the car. <3

It's my little brother's 16th birthday and we made this for him this morning. :)


Brandi Yee said…
Awww both pictures are so cute! Happy birthday to your little brother!! :)
Great pictures! Your ring is beautiful and I like your brother's name.

Thanks you for sharing my button! LOVE how cute you made them!
Thank you again. :)
Paula J said…
Hi Camille! I'm now following you back on LF! Hope your sweet little girl feels better soon.

Amber said…
Awww very adorable photos. Very.
it's the simple moments..... :-)

i'm stopping by from Mom's Best Nest blog hop.
Sue said…
Cute shots. That is a nice card you guys made for your brother :)
momto8 said…
so cute!! and happy 16th to your brother!
Lindsay said…
Adorable pictures! :) Love the new look of your blog, btw! :)

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