Park =)

Someone was feeding the geese, so they came up really close.

Kaylee reeeally wanted to pet them but they weren't into it lol.

On the football field or what she likes to call "The Grasslands."

At the playground. She made a lot of friends. :)

So sweet.


She picked a flower for me. =)

On top of "Rock Mountain."

So cute!


Natalie..... said…
Hi great pictures! She is so cute! I also enjoyed reading your tips for bloggers, one other tip is don't hide the comment button(?)I have had a hard time finding it on WP blogs. I found you on and am now following you. Natalie@
Mad Mind said…
Love the photos! I used to pick dandelions for my mom when I was young. And, yes, she would put them in a little vase. I love it when kids do things like that. She loves you!
Becky said…
Just realized it's been awhile since I read your blog. Oh but your sweet girl is getting so big. How I adore piggy tails!!
Oh my, your little girl is the cutest! That is so funny that she calls the football field the grasslands. :) I can't wait for my little girl to have enough hair for pig tails.
Connie said…
Hi Camille, I saw that you are a friend of mine on Hot Flash'n Craft'n. So, I'm now your GF and LF friend.
I, too, am a crazy Mama!

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