The Past Few Days :)

Lil Lynnie!

I made her a tissue box bed, she seems to like it. :)

Considering they told me she wasn't tame, she's really very sweet. She apparently bit them all the time, but she hasn't bitten anyone since we got her.

My 90 day fitness challenge team.

We played volleyball today. And afterward, we held some toddler races in the empty court next door lol.

She absolutely loves the gym. Which is great... until it's time to leave. Then it's another work out for me to get her out of the place and into the car!!

Kaylee just being Kaylee. :)

She gets so goofy when she's tired.

She was soo sleepy but fighting it!

This is what happens when you stubbornly resist nap time...

You pass out sitting up at dinner time lol!

Hey, if anyone wants to trade buttons, let me know!! :3


Great pictures!
And I'm stealing your adorable button!

I used to have one but I dunno what happened to it and I don't know how to make them. :(
oomph. said…
i dread the part of having to go home. it really is a chore to get my son to leave the park and get into the car!

kijjet said…
Such cuties! I'm a new follower from S.S. Sundays. You can find me here:

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