Photo Dump!!!!

We rented Winnie the Pooh yesterday and watched it with all of her Pooh plushies. :)

All of Kaylee's baby gear was Pooh themed and I did monthly Pooh pictures of her as a baby so this was sort of nostalgic for me hahah.

Dinner out with family. :)

Steven wanted to steal this cup but of course I was mortified and said definitely not.

Kaylee played under the table the entire dinner with my little cousin Gavin. Hey, whatever works.

A Spring day!!!!! (And a cute Spring outfit!)

Kaylee in her toybox... And all of the previous contents on the floor.

Steven brought me home a present...... *blissful sigh*

I don't know why I like this picture. It's not exactly a good shot but I just like it.

Tucked her in and she went straight to sleep. What a little angel. <3


Renee said…
We watched 'Winnie the Pooh' last night for the first time!!! Loved it! And Lachy was fairly glued to it too!
Cathenia said…
yay for photo dumps! I'm due for one myself. I love the toy/toy box pic. Too cute.
eatcakebemerry said…
I would have so wanted to take the cup that tiki guy is awesome looking
Amber said…
I can't count how many times I've wanted to "bring" something home with us at different places. But I've never done it for the same reason. :)
I know why you liked that one picture, because it looks like your life; warm, home, and lived in. Hope you had a nice weekend. Kaylee is adorable! : )
I love the picture with her dumped out toy box! Fun stuff! I remember when my daughter had a bajillion stuffed animals and loved to dump them all on her bed and lay in them!
I've heard/read great reviews of the Keurig Coffe maker :)

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