Sickie Mommy and Sickie Kaylee >=/

Well, we've decided to keep Kaylee out of school for now... I want to keep an eye on her until we figure out what's wrong with her. Hopefully they will tell us it's just constipation. We've started cutting out foods that could be constipating her and adding in foods that should help her go... Not helping yet, she hasn't gone in 2 days, and there was a couple drops of blood when she did go 2 days ago. =( We're seeing another doctor next week. I absolutely hate that this is taking so long to fix. >_<

In other news, I think I have the flu. I've been HORRIBLY sore since working out yesterday, and was up with what I thought was awful allergies all night. I only got a couple hours of sleep in early morning. Now I have a fever so it's probably the flu or something. My nose is so stuffy, I feel like my head is going to explode, and my body hurts!! Ugh, I hope it's a 24 hour thing.


Tim said…
Get well soon :) I hope you and yopur baby will get better the soonest
Take care
Sue said…
Hope you guys are feeling better soon, & you find out some good news from Dr.

Waiting is hard. Try not to worry too much :)
Oh no, I hope you are both feeling better soon!
Shannon Stubbs said…
New email subscriber from fmf.

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