Tell Me About Yourself Award!

The rules are simple.  Tell 7 things about yourself that would be found interesting.  Then send this to 7 bloggers that you nominated.  Remember, only participate if you like, it's all in good fun :)

I am FINALLY getting around to accepting my awards, or at least 1 of them anyway! This one is from Brandi at Yee Wittle Things. I read her blog regularly, it's always fun to read! Her 2 kids are so adorable and I love seeing what activities they are up to. I am awful at thinking of activities to do with my little one so I am always copying from other mommy blogs. :) Brandi also does reviews, she recently reviewed a hair straightener that looks pretty great, and I totally want it for my crazy bushy head. Anyway, onto the award!

7 Things About Me

1. I am going through major coffee withdrawal right now. I've been drinking at least 1 cup a day for years and my husband recently got me a Keurig so I'm finding it really hard to stop now that I might be pregnant. You'd be surprised how real caffeine addiction can be, I'm having bad headaches, fatigue, and totally spacing out all day long!!

2. I'm obsessed with recycling.

3. I'm the person who takes in every stray dog I see and tries to find it's owner. I once chased a stray dog for an hour before I caught him.

4. I don't have a laptop, a smart phone, an iPad, or anything really except a cheap phone and a desktop computer. And I'm perfectly happy that way!

5. I've partially written about 15 novels, but have yet to finish a single one.

6. My fears are deep water where I can't see the shore (so no cruises for me) and spiders in doorways (I'm not afraid of spiders, I used to have a pet tarantula, but I'm TERRIFIED of spiders in doorways).

7. I can't drive. :(

7 Bloggers That I'm Nominating For This Award

1. Forgetful Momma at Bottles, Diapers... Babies
2. Jessica at Messy Jessy
3. Rebecca at Let Them Eat Cake
4. RaeBeth at RaeBeth's Corner
5. Theresa at Theresa's Mixed Nuts
6. Allison at Two Infinity and Beyond
7. Rochelle at A Family Of Looneys

Tell me if you'd rather not be nominated and I'll remove you immediately. :)


Brandi Yee said…
Aww thanks so much for participating! And thanks for that nice write up about my blog *blush*. You're too kind! Deep water freaks me out too and is one of my biggest fears and honestly, I would LOVE to use my desktop...but it's bogged down and super slow because of pictures on there. I really need an external hard drive to help clean those off. I could do without my's just for fun half the time ;) I've never been a coffee drinker but can imagine how tough it would be to stop...especially when expecting! (wahoo!! hehe). That's cute that you chase down stray dogs and so kind of you! Thanks for accepting the award, your blog definitely deserves the recognition...I enjoy it :)

Theresa said…
I love that you haven't caved into technology! I don't have a smart phone either. I have an old crappy flip phone that suits me just fine.

The caffine addiction is rough. I went through those headaches when I gave up my soda habit! They can be brutal :(

Thanks for tagging me. Brandi tagged me too and I have mine scheduled for tomorrow and tagged you too, but I'm leaving you up so others can come read your answers :)
9 months of no coffee is the worst! But totally worth it! A smart phone would change you life. In good ways and bad!
Mom of 12 said…
I think it's so fun to get to know people a little better! Thanks for the fun post. I read Brandi all the time too...
Caffeine withdrawals are the worst! I am terrified of spiders period and one in a door way might send me to my grave. Haha! It was fun reading your list and getting to know more about you.

Congrats on the baby news. That is so exciting!! :)
rebecca said…
I was highly addicted to caffeine too. But on January 1st, I gave it up completely! Not had anything that has caffeine in it since and I feel so much better. It was hard but I think the reward is better in the end. I also dropped ten pounds in the first week of cutting it out.
I am so with your on the fanatical recycling. My husband thinks it's a sickness.
Your No. 4 is exactly how I feel. I could live without the latest tech, or at least I think I shouldn't do too badly :)
Hi... I just found your blog from the Friday Blog Hop... and I DO know how hard it is to kick a caffeine habit... good luck, but it will be worth it when you get up in the mornings without a headache and without the 'need' to have coffee!
Ms POSH said…
I know quite a few people who can't drive.

Stopping by from the Friday Hop to say hello.
I am obsessed with recycling too! I'm from San Francisco where they recycle AND compost. 15 novels started? That's impressive! Visiting from iBlog4Me hop :)
Cheryl Roth said…
Nice idea! New follower from weekend blog hop:) Come visit me!
Clairejustine said…
Great post,i stopped driving when i had my son 9 years ago and never drove since :(
Nora Spaulding said…
Hi i love these games :0 new follower from messy jessy and she is my long distance friend! I blog at Better Together, come on over sometime! I'm looking to grow as well!
Live*Laugh*Love said…
Hey there I am your newest follower on your blog site would love for you to follow me back :) and also check out my facebook fan page on my site as well as following me on twitter thanks so much for your support also if you can grab my badge to help get me more followers thanks have a great weekend :)


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