Wal-mart, Chinese Food, Tarzan, and A Motorcycle

We were at Wal-mart yesterday, getting a few things we needed, such as pink leopard print sunglasses for Kaylee. Steven got a new watch which is he obsessed with. Apparently it works as a calculator, glows with magical power, and I assume it also tells time. I got myself some new jeans, and I think they are lucky. I had guys opening doors for me the rest of the day after I put them on. :) Well, when I was trying them on at first, Kaylee crawled under the dressing room door, and I had to chase her into the store with them fully open in the front. Sooo that part wasn't exactly lucky. But perhaps they became lucky when I actually bought them lol.

Then we headed to the next town over for a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a bunch of my extended family. We were the loudest people in the restaurant. When my mom started talking loudly about a furry convention, the staring was pretty bad. But we don't mind staring, we're used to it. ;P It was a really fun evening, my little cousin Gavin watched Kaylee the whole night. She adores him. :)

Another thing we picked up yesterday at Wal-mart was the movie Tarzan. I was abnormally excited to find it; I haven't seen it since I used to watch it as a kid with my little brother. We watched it this morning and I was about to cry every 5 minutes the whole movie. This has happened to me with Disney movies ever since I became a mom. -_-

Kaylee has been so funny lately. Even when she throws tantrums, this kid says the darnedest things and cracks me up. She's been doing impressions and imitating people, including me. It's crazy to see myself mirrored in a 3 year old lol. "Mommy, if you don't finish folding the clothes, you can't go to the gym. Do you understand?" *uber serious face* How do I even reply to that? XD

In other news... Steven got a motorcycle. I have no comment on this yet, I'm really not sure how I feel about it. >_> But I suppose I will grudgingly post some photos.


eatcakebemerry said…
Guys and their toys right? I don't know how I would feel either if my hubby got a motorcycle. Part of me would freak out the other part would be on the back in a second.
The dressing room thing sounds like me when my daughter was about two. I remember being in Victoria's Secret with her trying on bras and she would climb from under the dressing room. So horrible. I'm so glad those days are over :)
I LOVE Disney movies still to this day! My boyfriend makes fun of me because I know a lot of the lines and songs. I'll never be too old for Disney! <3

Mmm, I love Chinese food! We are always loud and get stared at. Oh well, at least we are having a good time!

I LOL'd at Kaylee telling you that you can't go to the gym if you don't fold the laundry! What a cutie.

Hope you had a great weekend!
kijjet said…
My husband is ALWAYS talking about how he wants a watch that is a cell phone and a wallet and tells time. LOL, boys and their watches, I guess. I don't know how I'd feel about the motorcycle either. My husband thinks they are so dangerous that when I KID around about finding someone to take me for a ride, he gets all serious and "That's really dangerous" lecture-y. It's funny. Your family sounds like a riot - talking about furry conventions!
Tigertamer said…
thanks for stopping by..I love disney movies ;) and the only difference in men and boys is the price of their toys...if you wll get used to the bike they can be lots of fun

Carole said…
Very nice post. If you like Chinese food, you might like my take on Sichuan chicken. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/my-take-on-sichuan-chicken.html

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