Wordless Wednesday!

Have I mentioned she likes to play in sand?

Coming at me with dirty hands lol.

She is so goofy.


Tickles. >=)

I keep thinking we're gonna get pulled over because his energy drinks look like beer!

A weird pepper.


Playing on Daddy's iPhone and using him as a foot rest hahah!

This one cracks me up. xD

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Brandi Yee said…
haha your daughter looks like such a fun little girl :) Love how your hubby's energy drink looks like beer bahaha. I can picture the sirens in the background ;) And that IS a weird pepper?? :P

Theresa said…
She is such a creative dresser! She would get along very well with my daughter lol.
Sarah Halstead said…
Aww. Cute. Great blog design. I used to have this kit on my blog.
Becca said…
Looks like she's alot of fun! :) Found you via Create with Joy's link-up. Thanks for posting all the link-ups below!
She is too cute! I really wanna spend the day with her... I would die laughing. I love Starfruit! Wish I could find it here.
momto8 said…
so happy and fun!!
I am Harriet said…
You have a point about those drinks.

Have a great Wednesday!
Tiffany said…
I love the last one, too. So cute.
alissa apel said…
It looks like you are staying busy. Fun shots!

Those are so adorable! I love how funny she is. The picture of Dad sacked out just made me laugh, because I bet he fell asleep because he couldn't use his iPhone, ha ha.
rebecca said…
Now that is one crazy looking but cool pepper. And your daughter is too funny. She seems like she loves having a good time
Kaylee is such a sweet heart. Give a kiss to your adorable cute little kid on the cheek from my side :)

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