The First Trimester That WON'T END!!!!!!

When I was pregnant with Kaylee, I had a few weeks of morning sickness. I'd eat some toast and it would get better. Near the end, I had some puffy ankles and heartburn. I weighed a whopping 204 pounds right before I gave birth and I thought that was just absolutely HUGE. (Before I got pregnant I was 140.)

Ok this time.... THIS TIME. x_X I am nauseous. 24/7! My sense of smell is that of a bloodhound. I can smell my husband's feet from across the house. I can smell EVERYTHING! And it all makes me want to vomit.

I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. I don't have enough energy to clean the house at all. As I'm writing this, behind me is a WRECKED living room, a kid in mismatched pjs and a messy face, and a husband who has pseudo pregnancy migraines or something ridiculous like that so he can't pick up the slack around here. I used to take a rest and blog. Now I take rests FROM blogging. Yep, sitting up tires me out.

I am 2 pounds away from surpassing my all time highest weight ever in my entire life. And I'm only 14 weeks along. You see, my coping mechanism for nausea is eating bland food all the time. All day long, stuffing my face with bread, crackers, etc. It's either that or puking to the point of dry heaves.

My skin is itchy and has horrible acne. My boobs hurt and itch. (WTF????) I drool constantly, which leads to wet pillows and spitting on people when I talk. If I eat anything that has any kind of flavor, I burp up this nasty acid stuff. Here is a shortened list of things that make me cry: my husband saying something sweet, my daughter smiling in her sleep, my daughter giving me a random hug, seeing babies, seeing puppies, seeing any sort of baby animal, Disney movies, and sad commercials. Oh and I have awful gas.

So I've heard that this is the magic week when first trimester symptoms fade away and you experience a wonderful time call the second trimester. I'm still waiting. My husband is also anxious for this time, because he is really tired of me telling him he smells and to step away from me because he cares deeply about my happiness and comfort. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have 3 first trimesters.

/end angry prego rant


Carole said…
Oh my, you need a break! Have you talked to your quack? How about ginger tea?

Hope things pick up real soon.
Brenda said…
Oh my, I can't imagine. Think the baby is a boy, thus all the differences? I hope you find some relief soon. :)
m said…
The first trimester is always the worst :/ Hoping it gets better soon! Thanks for stopping by :)
S. Franklin said…
I feel for you! I know it's cliche but it will get better. When I was pregnant I gave myself permission to have a messy home and lay around all day when I needed to! It's a small window in time and you need to listen to your body. Take care.
Ugh! I feel for you! I'm 34 weeks now and I did finally get better around 25 weeks. But it was like I went from first trimester to third and skipped the wonderful second trimester. I hope it gets better for you really soon!!
Jen said…
Oh I am so sorry I had 3 pregnancies where even water made me sick! I had to go on zofran because the nausea never stopped even past the first trimester. Sending you my best wishes for the nasty icky feeling to end soon.
I'm so sorry sweetheart! I hope you feel better REALLY soon!

On another note... I LOVE your new blog layout! Simple and cute :)
Makes me wanna change mine... although Idk to what.

Hope you have a good week.

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