I Would Like To Apologize

I was wrong.

The other day, when I first saw the Time Magazine cover, it was accompanied by many, many negative comments. I got defensive, because I felt like the comments were all directed at me. I breastfed my daughter until she was 3 years old, so all of these people must think I am ridiculous, raising a spoiled as heck child, or even perverted. Really, I was shocked at the idea that I was an "extreme parent," and that extended breastfeeding was still a big deal in this day and age.

I missed the big issue entirely.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING. This is not about attachment parenting. This is about Time Magazine making money. They are the ones that set this up to be a conflict among mothers. "Are You Mom Enough?" makes it seem like attachment parents are challenging mainstream parents to a duel. How ridiculous is that; we aren't separated clearly into 2 camps like that! There are so many parenting styles, and everyone has their own unique style that works best for their family.

Some moms breastfeed for 1 year, some for 2, some for more. Some moms breastfeed for 6 weeks, some moms formula feed, and some moms do a mixture of breastfeeding and formula feeding. (I did mixed feeding!!)  Some parents adopt, some are single parents, some are gay, some are single AND gay. There are many, many different types of parents! And we are ALL "mom enough." We are all amazing!!

I want to tell you about one of my friends. She formula fed her daughter. She is supportive of my choice to breastfeed. I am supportive of her choice to formula feed. It is not an issue. Our daughters are best friends and love to play together. They are both happy, healthy, smart, beautiful little girls. What is the moral? I really shouldn't even have to say it.

Thanks for reading and I do apologize for my last post, which after I re-read it, sounds as if I am ready to argue. But I am not. I support, accept, and applaud all other parents. We are all doing things the best way that works for us and the last thing any of us need is added judgment from fellow parents. If we should attack anyone, let it be Time Magazine. They had no business fanning the fires of the Mommy Wars just to get a reaction out of people and make more money.


Chantel said…
Unless there is a medical issue at hand (the tan-o-rama mom), then I feel much of these types of stories are....well, alarming. Does anyone else think that our parenting freedoms are being attacked? Discipline, lifestyle, feeding, schooling....up for a "vote" of approval.

What does being an American stand for anymore?
Milena said…
Well said. TIME absolutely knew it was going to cause a frenzy with moms. We ( women) Need to support each other and our choices. As, there are so many different people in this world, there are so many different parenting styles. But, the goal remains the same: to raise our children to be good people.

Good job- mommy! happy Mother's day!
Theresa said…
I think we all need to agree that we are all doing the best that we can as moms. Just like every child is different, not every parenting decision is going to be the same as the next moms. Who am I to judge what works well for one family? Just because I may not make the same choices one mom does, doesn't mean that I am right and she is wrong. Like I said before, we just need to do what we feel best and forget the rest!
I agree, Time is in the business of selling magazines, and they know exactly how to do that - sensationalise and shock. Time went for shock factor with their cover, which is so sad, as it invites negative comments. However, I think all in all the article has put the word out on AP and that can only be a good thing :)

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