Pregnancy Update - 14 Weeks!

Ok, my iPod app tells me I am 14 weeks today. Yay yay yay!!!!!!

My other calendar says I have a couple more days to go, which is weird. I don't know which one is right but I'm gonna go with the one that gets me to the end faster LOL.

So, no sign of my symptoms letting up. I'm still pretty miserable, physically. But emotionally, I'm ecstatic! I've hit the second trimester, so my chance of miscarriage has gone down by a lot. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

I love this little baby so much already. Since I found out I was pregnant, I've been pouring my heart into praying that he or she will not be taken from us. Every day I find myself dreaming of the day I will hold him or her in my arms; tears streaming down my face because I need so badly to believe that day will come.

I'm feeling more optimistic with every day. Especially because every night when I lay down, I feel those little flutters in my belly. I feel like he or she is telling me, don't worry mom! I am in here and I am ok.

I CAN'T WAIT for my ultrasound in less than 2 weeks!!! I will be on here the second I get home, sharing pictures and HOPEFULLY the gender, if they can tell what it is yet! So excited. :)


Casey K said…
Yay for making it to 14 weeks! Sorry you aren't feeling any better. Pregnancy can be so hard. I am currently 34 weeks and feel I have been pregnant forever! I hope that you get some relief soon and good luck at your sonogram in a couple weeks. Those are always fun to go to!

I found you through Flock together Tuesday and am now following you! Have a happy Tuesday!
Chantel said…
Ah love, so exciting! Take care of you both and I'll be waiting to see sono pics! xo
Angela said…
Congrats on baby #2, and getting over the 1st trimester hurdle. I am following you and found you via 'Flock Together Blog Hop'. If you would like to stop by and visit me, you can find me at
Hope you have a great day!
Timmi said…
Hi There,
I'm stopping in from the Tuesday Train. I'd love a visit back :)
Tiffany Taylor

Karen Greenberg said…
Happy 14 weeks! I hope you start feeling better physically soon.
Mom of 12 said…
That is so awesome! I'm excited for you too. There is nothing more wonderful than a new baby.
Theresa said…
So happy for you! I love hearing how excited you are now and can't wait to see the ultrasound pics!!!
New Follower! Looking forward to reading more on your blog!
Hope you will follow back.
Daisy @
Such an exciting time! Congrats for reaching that important milestone. Hopefully you will physically feel better soon!

I am a new follower, visiting from a blog hop and would love it if you'd consider dropping by for a visit and follow back. Thanks so much!
Heidi said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am stopping in from the NOBH Team to say and hello and welcome to NOBH!
Kim said…
Sorry you are having a rough time. I was pretty much sick the entire first trimester with my daughter so I feel your pain!!
Brandi Yee said…
Awwwww that's so awesome Camille! So glad you're in your 2nd trimester, it's always a relief to hit that part of the pregnancy. But that's unfortunate that your symptoms haven't let up yet :( Hopefully soon! Hope you're able to get lots of rest...I know it can be hard with a little one around.
Cami said…
I can't wait to see your ultrasound...YAAAAAAY!

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