Fill In The Blank Blog Hop

1. I always want coffee when I wake up. xD
2. Remembering things without making a list is very hard for me to do.
3. Whenever I eat anything, I want to put chocolate or cheese on it!
4. If I ruled the world, hate wouldn’t exist and everyone would love and accept each other. (Unfortunately, even making hate against the law wouldn't stop it. Oh well, this is my fantasy world!)


Carole said…
I am a little confused, Camille. Where is the hop?
Karen Greenberg said…
Oh, the world would be so awesome if people just accepted each other!
Carole said…
Thanks for explaining about the hop, Camille. I should have been able to figure that one out! Have a nice day.
Jasmean & Peggy said…
This so neat were did you get it.

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