Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is where I post an old photo. :) It may be from 6 months ago or from 60 years ago. It may be me, my family, or possibly just something random. If you have something similar on your blog, please comment and link me to it! 

My mom and her friend.

This is 1981!

Me as an obese 8 week old in the beginning of 1988!

Me and my brother Harry in the bath. LOL @ my hat.

Me at around 12 years old (1999?).

My grandpa Harry.

My mom as a 1 year old. We looked exactly alike at this age, but at no other time.


Love all photos! Your mum looks hot on those photos!
dandelionfleur said…
LOVE all the pics!!!! Glad I hopped over here!
Theresa said…
I love old photos! What's up with the hat in the tub though? lol.

Your mom is very pretty too :)
Clairejustine said…
Love this idea :) great pictures :)
I love old school pics! My grandpa has so many awesome ones of when he and my Granny were dating...I'm trying to get copies to get developed and put on my wall :)
Brenda said…
Love the flashback pics! Those are awesome!
Jillian Nicole said…
Hi found you on the hop and following. The flashback pictures are great. I love how they capture special moments of life and preserve it for all to enjoy.
Please follow back at http://puzzlemecomplete.blogspot.com/
Wonderful pictures! This is a great idea. Do enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am a new Follower of your Blog.
Mulberry Bags said…
Always glad to read amazing articles.. Will be back for more for sure! Thank you for sharing
Diane and Chad said…
love old photos...find some of mine here:

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