Fur Baby Friday

Molly likes to put her head on a pillow.

Giving us a look because Steven put a cover on her and I am taking pictures, 2 things she doesn't like. xD

What a spoiled doggy!!

Off to Petsmart!

Kaylee gets so possessive of Aries when we're out lol. She was telling everyone at Petsmart who pet him that he was HER dog and they could not have him!

I was just trying to get a pic of how he throws himself on his back and thrashes around like I'm trying to murder him every time I cut his nails lol.

Treat for getting his nails cut. (I found out the dog chews we get are actually the private parts of bulls?!)

Hiding in his crate to eat it, just in case I decide to go crazy and try to cut his nails again I guess. xD

Took their tags off to give them baths. Aren't they cute? ^_^


Brenda said…
Awesome pics sweetie! Hope you're feeling well! :)

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