Pregnancy Update - 16 Weeks!!

I have not been active in the blogging world AT ALL and I apologize for that. I've been feel a tiny bit better lately, so I went out last weekend. Not a good idea, I was exhausted and sore for like the entire week. I started feeling better again by Friday so I went out again. (Yeah, seems dumb of me, but they were family events and I felt bad not going.) Anyway, I'm so tired, I keep falling asleep. Sitting at the computer hurts my back so bad. My whole body hurts actually.

I feel 8 months pregnant, seriously. This is so different from when I was pregnant with Kaylee. I was active right up until the last day, and I went 2 weeks overdue! I'm beginning to get the feeling more and more than it must be twins. I'm freaking out because we just do not have room for twins. We barely have room here for ourselves, let alone a new baby, so twins? I just don't know what we would do. Also, I am scared to think how awful the rest of the pregnancy is going to be if at 4 months, I feel this crappy. And let's not even talk about natural birth with twins. Yikes.

Honestly, if they do tell me it's twins, I'm sure I'll be happy. Terrified, but happy. I know I'd love them both so much and not want to trade them for the world, and we'll figure everything out somehow. We're seriously going to be PACKED into this little house though lol. Anyway, I won't know until next week because I had to put off my doctor appointment and ultrasound another week. Long story, but at least they will have a better chance of telling me the gender by then. I can't WAIT to hear the gender and see the baby.

I am still pretty nervous. The last 2 times I had ultrasounds, they gave me bad news. BUT the last two pregnancies, they also couldn't find the heartbeat, and I've heard this baby's heartbeat. So I'm just focusing on that and trying to stay positive. I just don't think I can handle another loss. I'd rather hear that I'm having triplets (or even sextuplets) than have them tell me I'm not having a baby at all... I just hope after this ultrasound, I will finally be able to calm down and stop worrying. I was never this much of a worrier before.

Well, I guess that's it, back to bed for me. I hope everyone has a great week! I pinky promise to catch up on blog stuff within the next couple days!!

Ok so she got out of the bath, and as I was going to get her clothes, she passed out!

She got dressed, put on her boots that apparently "match perfectly," and got on the table to "do my show."

Her show involves dancing and singing "Pumped Up Kicks" LOL.

Getting ready to watch The Lion King!

My mother-in-law's super cute kittens!

Petting the baby. :)

Snuggles. <3


Your daughter is so precious..just love her little show! I'll be praying that your ultrasound gives you the news you are looking for so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
Huge green hugs from your newest follower,
Karen Greenberg said…
Sending positive thoughts your way!
AudreyN said…
I was so much more worn out and tired the second time, i think its cause i am chasing a toddler. I'll keep you in my thoughts!
The Mom said…
The worrying gets worse with each pregnancy…one of the reasons why I know that we are done now that number 3 is here, is because I can't go through another pregnancy and all of the worries that it brings. I was beyond worried about the Wee One my entire pregnancy, it was insane! They say though, that as long as you are still feeling sick, it is a good sign that the baby is doing well. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! I bet the baby is growing like a big tall sun flower! Big, strong and beautiful!
Casey said…
What a precious daughter!

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well and worrying. I hate to say I can understand how you feel. I hope things get better soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy. Feel better
Theresa said…
Hang in there! You are almost at the 1/2 way point! Yay! I'm sure the heat has a little something to do with you not feeling good too. I know how unfun it is to be pregnant during the hot summer months. Just take it easy and hope the sickness passes soon enough.

Good luck with the ultrasound next week!
Clairejustine said…
hope your feeling good,your daughter is so sweet,lovely pictures:)
Anna said…
Praying your ultrasound goes well. As others have said, feeling sickly is a good sign. I am hopeful you will get good news.

Your daughter is so cute, love all the pictures. :)
Rina said…
I hope you are getting better and everything runs smoothly to the day you welcome your little precious one. Sending you lots of prayer XO
I hope you get that second trimester burst took me a while to get it this last time, too!

I'm surprised you haven't had an ultrasound yet. I had like 3 by 12 weeks with Evelyn (after a miscarriage).
Love your blog thanks for the info !

pregnancy checkup
Carole said…
Hope things are going ok for you.
Thanks for stopping by Carole's Chatter - glad you liked "Balanced Diet". Have a great day.
rebecca said…
You are not that behind me at all. Only a couple of weeks :) I seem so big too for just being one baby in there. I seem to really fall into the category of getting bigger the second time around.
We are totally opposite though. You said you can't wait to know the gender and I'm here not wanting to know. We are putting off knowing. I'm not anxious this time around at all to know and for me, that's an odd thing because I'm always wanting to be prepared and know everything
Anonymous said…
nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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