Saturday's Top 5 Laughs Blog Hop

I really don't think anything funny happened this week besides things Kaylee said. She has a steady stream of gems just waiting to come out lol.

Kaylee: "I don't care about that! I just care about my clothes!"

Kaylee: "Ow!"
Me: "What happened?"
Kaylee: "My back went kabluey."

Kaylee: "I don't need any money. I have my credit card."

Kaylee: *picking my belly button*
Me: "What's in there?"
Kaylee: "Something orange with white stripes and a giant beak!"

Kay: "Mommy, are we symbiotic?"
Me: "Well, not exactly..."
Kay: "But we help each other and well, we're friends!"
((My 3 year old is smarter than me. I thought symbiotic meant 2 different species having a mutually beneficial relationship but apparently it can be 2 people, too.))


Michelle said…
Kids say the cutest things!! Smart girl :)
Haha- I would love if my kids cared about their clothes! Too funny- she has a credit card. She is brilliant! I didn't know that either. She is too funny!!!!

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