Tips For Growing Your Blog :)

I am no expert at this but I have come a pretty far way, considering where I started, so I thought I'd share some tips!

Post regularly. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week at least, so people know to keep coming back regularly.

Join blog hops. Some people have told me that they've tried joining blog hops and it didn't help. Here's some ideas to help you get the most out of blog hops. :)

  • Link up
  • Thank the host
  • Try to comment on other posts by the host, so you're not just there to use them for their hops
  • Visit as many links from the hop as you can
  • COMMENT on new blogs you find that interest you (This is key! Comments are the way people know to come comment you back)
  • No empty comments such as "I followed you, now follow me too, kthxbai," try to really comment on their post content
  • Share the blog hop button on your blog somewhere so the hop can keep growing
  • Bonus: Come back a few days later and visit the links that were entered after yours

When someone comments you, go visit their blog. Follow them and comment them back. This is seriously a huge part of networking and getting new (and loyal) followers. Blog hops are simply a way to find more blogs to comment. Comments make the bloggy world go 'round!

Double check that all your coding and links work. So many times, I find a layout that is messed up, or links that don't work. It's hard for someone to read, comment, and follow you if your page is messed up. People don't want to stay and figure it out, they are busy!

No crazy colors. People don't want to get done reading your blog and see red spots everywhere, lol. Or have to squint to read what you've written.

Have your social networking and follow boxes etc. where people can easily see them. If your Facebook page or GFC box or whatever way/s you want people to follow you is after a bunch of clutter, no one will take the time to find it. Ok, I will, but I'm guessing a lot of people won't!

When you make a new post, share it with the world! Announce that you have a new post on Twitter, G+, Facebook, and whatever else you have. Get it out there and give it a much deserved chance to be read by all. :D It's much easier for me to scroll down my Facebook homepage and see new posts than to visit all the blogs I follow separately and check them for new posts!

Have an 'about me'. I really like it when I can read about a person... That way, when I'm reading their blog, I feel more like we're friends instead of like I found their secret journal and should feel guilty about reading it.

Try to write in a friendly and inviting way, so people enjoy reading. Re-read your posts and see if you would enjoy reading it! I learned in English class that super long "block paragraphs" are not good. That applies to blogs, too. Break up what you say into more readable portions to keep people interested until the end of the post. For example, would you have read this whole post if it was one big block of text with no line breaks?

Decide what makes your blog special. When people talk about your blog, what do you want them to say? Think of defining words, for example... Humorous, Honest, Moving, etc. I love blogs where the person's personality shines through and seems real, not distant. I definitely keep coming back to those blogs, instead of thinking I should but forgetting as I do with some other blogs. I'm still not sure what makes my blog special, but it's just something to think about as you go on blogging and trying to improve as a blogger.

Proofread everything. Maybe it's just me but excessive spelling and grammar mistakes make posts less fun to read and annoy me. And personally, I'd rather proofread than worry about that stuff when I'm typing because then I'll lose the flow and not write as well, if you know what I mean.

Get Google+. Since the Google Friend Connect widget was discontinued for non-blogger blogs, G+ is becoming bigger and bigger. Linky Followers is also a good replacement for GFC.

So yeah. These are just my personal opinions, I'm not saying everyone should follow it to a T. For instance, one of my tips is also don't put music on your blog. 9 times out of 10 it's annoying as heck. But there is one blog that I think has really nice music. I always look forward to listening to their music, I think it goes perfectly with their writing. So if you think something is working for your blog, ignore me and do it. :) Good luck and happy blogging!!


Great tips Camille! Thanks!
Brenda said…
I agree, great tips! I do find it difficult spending as much as I'd like reading, writing, and networking with other blogs. That damn full-time job is always getting in the way of it. Drats! :)
Carole said…
Good post Camille. I would also add a suggestion that you add your best posts to StumbleUpon which can significantly increase your page views - although I don't think it attracts new followers.

As you know I run themed link ups - one lot by ingredient and one on Books You Loved. I do search Google Blogsearch to find posts that I would like to be linked in and ask for the link. that works well.

Have a great week.
Michelle said…
Awesome tips, the worst thing is when I find an awesome blog and it has the music on auto play and I can't find the stop button!
Lindsey said…
Great tips! I haven't used G+ much, will have to look in to it more. :)
Mary said…
They are good tips. Facebook works with people I know but blog hops have gotten me a few more followers. I'm still starting, but growing slowly.
thanks camille for these great tips! i'm learning how true they are the more i blog :)
excited to be your newest follower!
Renee said…
Awesome tips!!! :)
Felicia said…
These are some great tips, Camille! Thanks for sharing them! There are some that I haven't tried out yet, but I certainly will be soon--especially the blog hops!
Theresa said…
Wonderful tips, and I agree with every one of them! Also, I would advise people to remove those captcha codes for leaving a comment. I've typed out whole comments only to mess up the captcha and have to go back and rewrite it all. Very frustrating, and sometimes I'll just say forget it and leave without resubmitting the comment.
Tami Marie said…
I love your tips. I agree with them all. Great post for everyone to read.

Thank you so much for all these helpful tips! I really appreciate you sharing what you've learned! I found your blog via the Mom's Mingle and am happy to be your newest follower! I would love for you to follow me back at :)
Kate Campbell said…
Fantastic tips, Camille. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. We are all just learners on a similar journey, but when our paths cross know you have made it interesting.
Tanya said…
Thanks for the tips! I am visiting from the blog hop.
Rina said…
Agree to the core!! :D
Chase the Star said…
This is really great! I think people forget the importance of networking! Commenting is a great way to get yourself noticed, and for the receiver it's so fun to get comments!
I'm a new follower from the Naptime Review blog hop!
S. Franklin said…
Great post with lots of good tips! I think I'll work to make my social networking buttons more visible. I think you mentioned making your blog easy to follow. I've visited several blogs that I definitely wanted to follow but I could not find a button or way to link.

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