Birth Center Appointment

So I had an appointment to at the birth center, which is where I am getting my prenatal care now...

My weight gain has been a lot more than it should be, and they wanted to do some extra testing to rule out thyroid problems, diabetes, and some other things. I am sure it's just because I had 3 pregnancies in a row and not enough time to lose the weight in between, because of the recovery time and bed rest after both miscarriages. But it's policy to do the testing, so they took 4 vials of blood. :( I felt awful afterward, but I'm proud to say I did not pass out!

I also had a pap smear test, but didn't finish it. I was so tense because I have "white coat phobia" that it hurt to the point of tears. I said maybe we should to it after I have the baby instead and luckily that was fine. I thought I would do better at the birth center, because it's less formal, there's no "doctor smell," and they don't actually wear white coats lol. But the exam table, the box for discarded needles, and a few other things still gave me the impression I was in a doctor's office, and that made the panic kick in. I felt so stupid because I was being such a baby and costing them a lot of extra time. But I honestly can't control it, no matter how hard I try. >_<

Anyway, I was also told I need to see an ultrasound specialist. Apparently my last ultrasound did not get a good picture of the heart valves and some other things. She said it was nothing to worry about but my mind was jumping to heart problems. Luckily Steven convinced me I was being paranoid.

Kaylee was so adorable, while I was in my appointment, I could hear her playing in the lobby with Steven. Then since I took a while, she started asking about me. She asked a nurse, "Excuse me, is Camille in there?" because she knows other people call me Camille, not Mommy. After the appointment, she could tell I was upset. She asked if I was ok and if I was crying, and screwed up her face in the most worried pout lol. She really wanted to make me feel better so I cheered up pretty quick. She is such a sweetie. :)

Baby is kicking like crazy, all day and night. She (or he) must be healthy to be so strong!! I am just going to focus on that for now, and try not to worry until I get the blood test and ultrasound results.


Carole said…
Camille - you are so brave going for the appointment when you don't like doctor stuff - neither do I and I just postpone going mostly - naughty I know.

All will be well with your world, you know.

Have a lovely day.
I very much dislike doctor stuff as well, like Carole, I try to postpone it as well...

It must be amazing to feel your baby kicking inside of you!
rebecca said…
I'm not a fan of needles and blood. I hate it. Thats great the baby is so active though. I am sure it is reassuring
Alyssa said…
Yea, needles and blood make me pass out... I'm not going to do well with the pregnancy thing but just think, you are almost donee! Congratulations!! Stopping by from the GFC blog hop!
The Mom said…
Anxiety is no fun at all. Have you tried to have your little girl in the exam room with you? I know that for me, I tend to put on a brave face when my kids are around which helps. You know how the saying goes, fake it until you make it. ;o) As for the baby, just remember that you are in good hands and no matter what, you will be smiling at that new little person in a few short months and until then, you have those wonderful kicks! :o)
Thinks positive ~ beautiful family ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)
Erinn said…
Even though I have a family doctor I tend to go to the local health clinic... there's really no difference between them, other than the dress code. Anything to do with my body and prodding will always rub me the wrong way. Partly why babies terrify me. :P

However, your daughter is adorable, and your baby is kicking like a madman, so everything should be fine. :)
Melissa said…
Try not to worry to much but as a mother it is hard not to.
New follower via weekend blog hop
Be well and hugs to you and your big girl and your baby too...

Just stopping by to say "hi" from the weekend blog hop and to invite you to link up with us this and every Friday at The ALOHA Friday HOP-- it's just such a sweet group of bloggers encouraging each other as we grow... grow... grow... I hope you'll join us, 'cause we'd love it.

Happiness to ya today and always.

Becky said…
Congratulations! Hope everything goes well with your new little one!
Brenda said…
Sending you blessings sweetie to help you though all this. Don't worry too much. All will be fine! :)
Hoping you get the results soon and the are all normal.

And, what a sweet daughter to try to cheer you up.
Clairejustine said…
Hope everything is ok,they just like to be careful thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop :)
Nicholl Vincent said…

come say hi over at

have a wonderful day!
Sending you lots of good wishes and support. Try not to worry to much- easier said than done though. Hugs mama!
Hi Camille,
I hope everything will be fine and you will have a healthy baby boy or girl. I had to smile when I read that your daughter said "Excuse me, is Camille in there?" Real cool!:) You have a wonderful daughter who shows a lot of interest and care about her mother. Take care and my best wishes to you and your family.
Angela said…
I'm sure everything is fine...a good kicker is always a great sign <3 I hope your anxiety can ease a bit. That must be tough. Keep thinking positive girlie!

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