Carnival and Beach Pics :)


I figured it was too cold to swim and we'd just play in the sand.


Anyway, Kaylee had other ideas.

She reeeally wanted to swim.

So she started stripping...

And I gave up and put on her swim suit.

I kept asking her if she was cold but she said she was fine. Crazy girl, I was cold and I wasn't even wet!

 You can't say I'm not in any of the pictures lol. 

Some sort of fish eggs?

Dead horseshoe crab.

 Cool huh?

Pretty sky.




The colors in the sky were amazing.

Carnival. :)

Riding all by herself (well, with a little boy).

She was tall and brave enough to have a lot more fun this year than last year.

Look, I'm in a picture! Lol.

My mom was so nice to take us, it was super hot out!!

Ferris wheel. :)

The swing ride.

I liked this one the best because it cooled you off!

They added this ride this year and I have to say I found riding in spinning bear stomachs odd.

Knocked out, 5 minutes after we left!


Wow, lots of good fun! I have never ever seen a horse shoe crab, what an amazing creature :D
Looks like a fun filled day! Thanks for sharing!
Mary said…
How much fun! Those are some really good pictures. It looked like you had a really good time.
Oh my goodness I love summer. What a sweet little summer time you've captured here.

Stopping by from spilled milkshake's link up to say "hi" and to invite ya to enter our Victoria's Secret Beach Bag giveaway-- you know 'cause it's summer. =)

Carole said…
Looks like everyone had fun. I suspect that kids don't feel the cold like we do....

Michele Burgess said…
It looks like so much fun. I agree with you... it just looks cold to me! Must have been a great trip.
S. Franklin said…
Awesome pics! I heart the beach and I love how it fills a child with wonder and adventure. Looks like your family had a ton of fun. :))
bailey j said…
what a gorgeous beach, looks like a really awesome time!
Rina said…
how fun!! You know I think children are more prone to cold than parents. At home my boys sweat while they are sleeping with the AC set at very low and me and husband must cover ourselves in blanket freezing. Imagine that! :D
Jaime Lynn said…
Looks like lots of fun! The beach looks amazing! Not like the beach in here Texas, haha.

Visiting from Monday Meet Up!

- Jaime
MartinRMeyers said…
Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I’m the newest follower of your blog via the hop, and I’d also like to invite you to check out an Amazon Giftcard Giveaway I’m having right now!

Hope to see you there, and thank you!
Thanks so much for joining the I <3 my Blog {Hop}! We just got back from the beach! I love your crab picture and the beautiful purple beach pictures!!

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