Dear Kaylee Rebecca

Kaylee Baylee, you are just about 3 and a half! I feel like you just turned 3 yesterday. You are growing up so fast, and sometimes I wish I could just pause time. But I love watching you grow and learn and I'm so proud of you every day! You amaze me with the things you can do, and you crack me up with the things you say! You seem too smart for your age, and have a great sense of humor.

You are always asking questions; you are very curious and love learning! You still love being read to and have a lot of books memorized. You know all of the letters and what sounds they make, and you can count and do simple addition. You know so much about dinosaurs, animals, and many other things. 

You like watching TV at times but still get tired of it after one show or so. You like watching movies as long as Daddy and/or me is watching with you. Your favorite show is probably Dora the Explorer and your favorite movies are The Lion King and Ponyo. You like practicing Spanish with me and know quite a few words. You like to play by yourself in your room. You have a "clubhouse" made out of a big cardboard box which you bring toys and books into to play with for long periods of time. Some of your favorite toys are your doctor set, your dinosaur toys, and your dolls.

You love to play outside. We go out in the yard every day, no matter how hot it is, or even if it's raining. We go to the park and for nature walks pretty often. These days, Daddy takes you while I rest most of the time. You love spending time with your Daddy and you miss him a lot while he's at work. You wait up for him every night, no matter how tired you are!

You know that your little sibling is growing in my belly, and you already love it very much! You check my belly with your doctor set and talk to the baby every day. From the time you first found out, you have been convinced that the baby is a girl, and that you will name her Brynna. Turns out the ultrasound tech thinks you are probably right! I am so proud of how mature you have been, helping me do chores and letting me rest. We can't wait to see what an amazing big sister you are going to be!

You are great at going to bed at night now. We brush your teeth, put your pjs on, and you're ready to hop in bed. After we read to you, we tuck you in, and go to bed in our own bed. You go to sleep with no problem, although you do sometimes call us for an extra kiss, a drink of water, and/or another stuffed animal. A few times you have asked me to stay and sing to you, and I don't mind at all. It reminds me of when you were a baby and I used to rock you to sleep. :) You now sleep through the night nearly every night. You've pretty much dropped your naps but on some days you will still take one.

You love swimming, especially by yourself (with swimmies on). You still love baths and usually take 2 a day. You've had only 1 accident since you were potty-trained, and that includes overnight. You have fully weaned yourself now, and haven't nursed in months. You've been eating a lot better lately, and starting to get over your picky stage. You like all types of foods, though you are still hesitant about trying new ones. You are not a big fan of sweets and love your fruits and veggies! Your favorite treat is still popsicles.

You love visiting family. It's a lot of travel sometimes, but we are so glad we make it a priority to visit both sides of your family. You've grown up close to them, despite the distance, and we love it! You are great on car trips, and always remind every one to wear their seat belts.

You love your pets. You are very sweet to Molly, because you know she is getting old. You roughhouse and play with Aries, and I can tell you adore each other. You help me take care of the little animals, and are gentle when you pet them. You want your own fish, but for now you're content to just look at all the fish when we go to the pet store.

You are so independent, affectionate, and unique. You sure keep your dad and me on our toes! And you fill every day with joy. No matter what is going on, I can always think of you, and know my life is truly amazing. I love "super hugs" with you and Daddy, there is no better feeling in all the world!

Sweetie, I love you so much. You are the center of my world, and Daddy loves you more than anything too. We can't wait to keep watching you grow up!

Love, Mommy


Brandi Yee said…
What a beautiful post to your daughter! This will be awesome for her to read and look back on :) She sounds like such a bright and smart little girl...what a cutie! ;)
Mary said…
That was so sweet! You are such a good mommy. How sweet is it that she uses her doctor set on your belly? She's going to be a good big sister!
rebecca said…
That is such a sweet thought. A thought about your daughter and dedicated blog post :) It was precious and so is she
Carole said…
How lovely Camille - you need to save a copy of this to show her when she is older - maybe when she is a stroppy teenager!
Maria Ana said…
Hi there Camille,

read your post from top to bottom and felt your big love for your lil princess.. yeah truly amazing! I may not have a baby at this time yet but wow being a mommy i think is the best career in the whole world. I can feel it from you.. ;-)

Michelle said…
Beautiful post, Kaylee is awesome!
Nicholl Vincent said…
what a sweet momma you are!

come say hi at

have a great day!
love this as a way to record important things in her life :)
Great post! Made me tear up. ♥
Kristen said…
Aww, she sure is a cutie!! My oldest will be 3 on the 27th and I just love this age, don't you?

My name is Kristen & I'm so glad to have found your blog via The GFC Blog Hop hosted by Melissa. I am your newest GFC follower, FB like & follower on Twitter and would really love it if you could return the follows & likes?! =] Thanks and have a blessed day~!

P.S. I'm rather new to the blogging world and really need to button swap & after reading a little on your blog, I'm already loving it and would really love to swap buttons with you...let me know :)

Jenny Melrose said…
So sweet! She is adorable. I'm stopping in from the gfc blog hop. I'm a new follower.
Jelli said…
Sweet. I really enjoyed reading this. You've got a cute little girl and perhaps another on the way. Found you through the GFC hop (I think). Following you now. Take care, Camille.
Nekky said…
This is so beautifully written Camille. You have a very sweet family and your daughter is sooo cute.
Jen said…
So sweet. Children are such treasures and you have written such a lovely letter to your angel.
I love her hair! The curls kill me.

Following from GFC linkup.
Annmarie Pipa said…
such a great collection of love and memories!!
Mom of A and a said…
she will love reading this when she grows up! But, don't wish her to grow up too fast - I speak from experience!! :)
I see where Kaylee gets her sweetness from... I'm sure when she's all grown up and reading this, she's going to bawl her eyes out!

She is growing up so fast. Hold on to those precious moments while you can.
Melissa Enault said…
Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!

Melissa @
Anna said…
Such a sweet post and great idea!

I nominated you for a fun blog award. Go check it out, when you get the chance. :)
oomph. said…
This is such a great age because you can actually have some great conversations with them!

Aww, what a sweet post. Your daughter is beautiful.
What a sweet girl....3.5 is killing us here. I suspect it has to do with having an older sister:)

(Funny, I just responded to your comment with wanting to find a pause button!)
Debbie said…
I love posts like this where the personality of the child is captured. Details are sometimes forgotten over the years and now you have it written out to go back and reflect on. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Archive party. :)

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