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1. I always wear my glasses.
2. I have had a lot of canned soup this week lol.
3. Public speaking makes me a tiny bit nervous.
4. My car always has not existed because I'm afraid of driving xD.


Arlene said…
I have my glasses on 24/7 too. I used to be afraid of driving; now I'm afraid of my kid's driving!

Have a great weekend!
Karen Greenberg said…
Yep, my glasses are pretty much on my face all the time, too. I've tried contacts, but they just don't work for me.
Theresa said…
Hmmm, lets see:

I always go to bed after 11pm.
I have had a lot of fruit this week.
Roller Coasters make me a tiny bit nervous.
Clean carpets do not exist in this house because I have 2 kids and 3 dogs lol.
Michelle said…
You're better than me, b/c public speaking makes me terrified!! Have a good weekend!
Lucy said…
Can soup? Because you like it or you haven't been feeling well? I hope it is because you like it and it is easy!! Sometimes, I get in a rut with something I like and I eat it for a while, like a rice and stewed tomatoes!
Tami Marie said…
I like this meme :)

I always wear my glasses too. :) Public speaking makes me VERY nervous.

Have a great weekend.

Judy said…
I used to wear my glasses all of the time however I now take them off to read, use the computer or other close work - now I mostly wear them when I drive - which I love to do
Carole said…
Hee hee - fun
I always wear my glasses for reading and cooking

I have had a lot of time blogging this week

Public speaking makes me an egomaniac

My car always has supermarket bags in the boot because I like to avoid using too much plastic.

Sorry my ones are a bit boring!
Kristina said…
I always wear my contacts
I have had a lot of ground turkey this week
Public speaking makes me shaky.
My car has an ugly hood because the paint keeps peeling off.
Pamela said…
Hi thanks for participating in the blog hop. I am a new follower
Hilary said…
Before lasik I had to wear my glassees all the time too
Wayne W Smith said…
I have to wear glasses all the time too. I made a mistake and cheaped out on my last pair. Never again.
Susi said…
I should be wearing my glasses all the time but I don't between the new high def TV's and computer screens it's really not necessary. But I do need them for driving!
Jennifer said…
I wear my glasses all the time too!

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