Fourth of July!

My happy boy! The camera zoomed in and cut Kaylee off. >=/

New leash, harness, and collar! Pretty, huh? :D

Gloves on, in the house, in summer. Lol.

In her 4th of July outfit.

She won't look at me let alone smile for pictures anymore. -_-

Stubbornly not smiling, even though I'm being very amusing!

She found a "wish flower."

Asking me if I want it. I say she can keep it. :)

Making a wish.

Smelling a flower (lily?)

Giant ice cream cone!

And despite the sugar and loud fireworks, she passed out early!

I got my camera to work, yay! I hope everyone had a good, and safe, Independence Day!!


Michelle said…
So pretty in that dress! No amount of sugar and noise will keep Peter up! x

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