Kaylee and Her Doggie Siblings :)

When I was pregnant with Kaylee, Molly knew. She became very protective of me and took to licking my belly all the time. Weird but kind of sweet, hahah.

When Kaylee was born, Molly seemed to know she was the baby that had been in my belly. She somehow knew Kaylee was my pup. She was protective of her, yet respectful to me because her instincts told her I wouldn't want anyone near my pup. Whenever we put Kaylee down to sleep in bed or in her bassinet, Molly would lay nearby and guard her. I had been afraid about jealousy during my pregnancy, since Molly was my baby and the center of my attention for years, but obviously I needn't have worried! (Below Kaylee is breastfeeding and I am completely topless so I had to cut a bit of the pic off lol.)

As Kaylee grew, she became interested in petting (aka torturing) Molly. Molly would give her warning growls, as a mother dog might do a pup, but would not "discipline" her as a mother dog... I think because she knew I was the mother and it wasn't her place to discipline. So she just put up with the torture as best she could. She did try to hide from Kaylee sometimes when it got to be too much, but remained very protective of her. And of course, was still very interested in licking her, actually more so since she started teething and drooling.  Apparently, baby drool is very yummy to dogs LOL.

Then we got a puppy! (What were we thinking? I have no idea. It's not like we didn't have enough to do already!!) Anyway, Kaylee was at the peak of her "torture dogs" stage. So Aries grew up being petted, poked, smacked, etc. I'd say poor Aries, but he honestly likes it. He likes any form of attention and he's a tough dog, very muscular and his head is like a brick lol. Nothing can really hurt him.

So now we are a big, happy family! Molly puts up with Kaylee and Aries, and loves them in spite of them constantly annoying her. Kaylee and Aries play fetch, doctor, and cowboys together, and sometimes just rough house. All 3 of them snuggle on the couch together, and it's so cute that I've pretty much given up on the no dogs on the couch rule.

Life with kids and pets in the house can sure be challenging. Sometimes I think I am crazy for having 2 dogs, a toddler (is 3 years old still a toddler?) and another baby on the way. It is seriously a lot of work, and it's only going to get harder when the new baby comes!! But at the same time, it's worth it for all the cute moments. I really can't imagine life without our dogs. Growing up with pets has given Kaylee a love of animals and a respect for life in general. I wouldn't trade that for anything. :)

(PS Yes we also have a chinchilla and a hamster, but I've come to realize they are just too small to interact safely with Kaylee at this age.)


Cami said…
Ahh you didn't help my whole "I want a puppy so bad" thing I have going on lol :)
The Mom said…
Those pictures are adorable! You can see their love and friendship! My fifi (our cat) has dealt with so much torture from all three kids but he is still so loving to them and to us. He tolerates all of it with a patience that I have never seen from a cat before. I think having a loving pet does so much for a family. :o) It is definitely worth it.
Super cute! And licking your belly? ADORABLE.
Charlotte R.B said…
Amazing photos hunny! Loves it - Beautiful little girl <3
Melissa Ryan said…
Aww cute pictures. My child loves to torture our dog as well and Ladybug just treats him like he is her pup. She is such a great dog.

Just stopping by from the Totally Tuesday blog hop to say hi. I am a new follower.

I think it's a great idea to get a puppy when your child is still really little - then it grows up knowing how to be tortured! (In the way that kids will do...). Maybe I can talk my husband into getting a dog in the next couple of years :)
Esther V. said…
Wow! What a beautiful picture story! It's difficult to get the right mix of personalities when you are trying to mix pets and small children - but it looks like you mastered it!

Thanks for being a regular at the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. I've been following you via Twitter and am looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy!
Mrs. Swaddle said…
Cute baby pictures, I wish a had a dog companion growing up.
Ms. Morgan said…
This is just an amazing post. I'm glad Molly was so supportive through your pregnancy and afterwards. One of my favorite pictures is my mother holding me (first day back from the hospital) and her dog Lucy is sitting next to her (just out of arms reach) with her head hung down and to the side, as if to say "Oh mom. What did you bring home?" Haha. She eventually became my Nana Dog and treated me like one of her pups. It creates an amazing bond between child and dog. Congratulations on raising such kind animals (and child) - as well as congrats on the one to come.

I found you over at TTWFI blog hop. Consider me a follower!
Anna said…
I think it's pretty amazing how dogs just know. Sophie has been especially gentle and loving with me since we found out I was pregnant.

All those pictures are so sweet, I hope that Sophie reacts the same way to Declan.
Lisa said…
Oh my they are cute together! I just love having a dog and watching him interact with my 5 year old. Yeah, you're right, it can be challenging, but it's so worth it!

Great pics!

P.S. Thanks for linking up last weekend to the GtKY blog hop!
Kristina said…
Visiting from last week's Toddle Along Tuesday (there isn't one this week)! Following you :)


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