(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday - Meet Maggie!

My grandma came over and much to our surprise, she has a new dog!

Her name is Maggie and she's a 2 year old Yorkie.

I felt bad giving her a bath because she looked so sad wet.

I gave her a haircut, cleaned her ears, and cleaned a sore she had too.

Isn't she cute? :)

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Note: My grandma just got Maggie 2 days ago and she is supposed to see the vet and groomer's next week, I just did what I could to make her more comfortable until then.


MommieOnTop said…
I'm not much of a pet person, but Maggie is such a sweetheart!

Happy WW!
Sarah said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I am following back. :)
Glad you bathed and groomed this adorable Yorkie ~ so sweet and great company ~~ namaste, (A Creative Harbor)
Robin said…
I love Yorkies! I have a Maltese and Chihuahua myself. So much joy. Stopped by for Wordless Wednesday.
Brandi Yee said…
Awwww she's adorable! Your grandma looks so happy too :)
Mom of A and a said…
she sure is adorable!
rebecca said…
That was sweet of you to help your grandma out and bathe the dog for her. And I love the last photo. They look so cute together
What a happy dog AND grandma! Cute pics!
Aww, what a sweetie! She did look a bit sad wet, but I'm sure she's happy for all of the love and attention you gave to her!
Real cute dog your grandma has Camille! Enjoy the rest of your day.
Real cute dog your grandma has Camille! Enjoy the rest of your day.
angie said…
She's adorable!
Esther V. said…
What a cute dog! Definitely going to be a great companion for your grandma!
Your grandma and her new pup are adorable! ^.^

♥ aquariann
Featured Photo: Pink Daylily
Such cute pics!
I'm your newest follower from online friends monday
Clairejustine said…
Arr she is so sweet :) thanks for linknig up :)
Kia said…
Aww, that was nice of you! She's cute.
Kristen said…
What a fabulous post!! Love the pics of the dog & your grandma! I am a dog groomer and wish you lived closer!! :)


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