Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Got another ultrasound and they changed my due date back to November, 28. So I'm just 21 weeks today but I'm not going to do another update, nothing has changed since the last one anyway.

Got to see the baby in 3D. :) It was so amazing seeing her kicking, wiggling, waving her arms around, and sucking her thumb!

Kaylee knows she has to be gentle with Molly so she reads to her. <3

Someone is happy to be on the bed lol.

Yes, we're all playing games. We're a family of geeks.

Smile! LOL.

This box is her "clubhouse" and it entertains her for HOURS.

Visits with Geegee! (My grandma.)

Her first Starbucks drink lol. (It's just strawberries, milk, ice, and whipped cream.)

She loves to snuggle with her daddy. <3

Crazy naked kid on the loose!

Coffee filter crown.

Kaylee gave me a tattoo.

I am getting pretty good at making stew. :D

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Rachel-Ann said…
pictures look great :) i always love ultra sounds. they seem so precious. stew looks great :)
Pam List said…
great pictures! What a sweet mom, letting the little one give you a tatoo.

Annmarie Pipa said…
oh wow..what fabulous pictures!! aren't those ultrasounds so amazing?!
Gattina said…
Very cute pictures !
Annie said…
Those are such sweet pictures! And YAY for a healthy pregnancy!!
Jenifer Harrod said…
What cuties you have. Kaylee is a doll. Blesssing to you and the unborn sweety too.
Lovely pictures Camille! I note that your baby is due in my birth month - November!:) Enjoy the rest of your day.
Brenda said…
awesome pics girlie!
Anna said…
Yay for ultrasound pics! Love all the others too. Hope you are doing well!
Ai Sakura said…
yes love the ultrasound photos! and great idea using the coffee filter for a crown :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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Brandi Yee said…
Love the pictures! Especially the ultrasound pics...awww! And lovely tattoo your daughter gave you hehe ;)
Jessica.B said…
Lovely pictures :D I always love ultrasound pics. Hope you have a good rest of the week!

{Sugar in My Grits}
I always love ultrasound pics. Congratulations and happy wordless Wednesday!
Tammy said…
Your stew looks so yummy! :)

I love the 3D ultrasounds...nothing like that when I was pregnant! :)
Amazing 3D pics! So exciting. My oldest was born in Nov and it's a great time. Your daughter is a doll too.
Theresa said…
Those 3d ultrasounds are something else! I sure wish they had them when I was pregnant!

I often wonder why we spend so much money on toys when boxes tend to keep kids entertained more than any store bought toy.

Love how you all play video games together :)
Maria said…
hi camille! thank you SO much for your thoughtful words! happily following and enjoying your recent posts! Congratulations to you on your pregnancy!!
kaylee is beautiful and looks like she is full of personality.
i really appreciate your kindess.
have a wonderful day!
S. Franklin said…
Cool pics! I hope you're feeling better these days. Enjoy it still, because it'll be a memory before you know it.
Party Of Four said…
Aww so cute! And love your tattoo! ;)

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