Our Power Is Back, Yay!!

An unexpected storm swept through Maryland and we've been without power for 2 days, along with a bunch of other people. I've heard 2 million people were affected! We have ours back tonight, but most of the area still doesn't. I have to say, it's been awful. I know I sound so spoiled but it's 100 degree weather and I'm pregnant. >_< Anyway, thankfully we have power back now, and I am one happy prego lady, chilling in the AC with my internet.

When the power goes out is a great time to realize you don't have any flashlights lol!

Do I look pregnant yet? Lol.

Such an amazing feeling to know that our baby is growing in there!

None of the grocery stores around here have power back yet, but the liquor store does, so this is our fridge!

No AC, time to go swimming!

Swimming with Daddy... I can't go in because I'm allergic to chlorine. :(

She peed on him hahahaha!

Swimming by herself.

In case you can't tell, she LOVES swimming!


Carole said…
I can't imagine how awful it has been for everyone with it being so hot and no power. Yuck. When we have storms here it is usually winter time so being too hot isn't an issue.

You sound like you managed well though!
Mary said…
Yuck! I hate no power. Hot and pregnant to boot? No thank you! Glad it is back on. You looked like you guys had fun though.
rebecca said…
That has got to be unbearable. No power and the dreaded heat like that? Glad to hear you got it back on. It's so strange how I live in Florida yet, it's cooler here then most of the US...is that not backwards? Though it's still not that much cooler. Very hot indeed. But not as hot as some places
You poor thing! No power in 100 degree weather is NO fun.
Clairejustine said…
Oh wow it must have been horrible without power,glad to here you have it back on,lovely pictures :)
Brenda said…
Glad you finally got your power back and survived this extreme ugly friggin heat! Ack! We had power but our a/c went out Friday into Saturday. Ungodly! Glad ya'll are ok............and cute baby bump there! :)
The Mom said…
Oh my! I can't imagine how miserable that must have been! I was dying when our AC went out and I wasn't even pregnant! I am so glad that you got it back but made the best of it when you didn't have it. Your pool pics have made me think that today I will take my boys to the pool. :o)
Lucy said…
So glad you got your power back, stifling heat and pregnancy is not a good mix!

At least someone was having fun staying cool, your little one is too adorable in her swimming fun attire :)
Karen Greenberg said…
I'm glad to hear your power is back on. We've been getting to 110+ these past few days, but we're used to that. I hope all goes well for the rest of the summer so you don't have to suffer with no A/C!
It's just horrible when the power's off. It's good it's back on.
Your little girl does look like she loves to swim.

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