Our Rescue Story

After losing my best friend, a Terrier mix, when I was 12, I felt awful. I didn't know how I would ever heal. I did not want another dog at first, but I really missed having a furry friend to greet me every day when I got home from school. I decided the best thing I could do was to adopt a new dog from the shelter. I felt like my dog's early death (he was only 3 years old) could somehow be less pointless if I could save another dog's life because of it. So I convinced my parents to take me to the pound and we found the dog we wanted. They were still waiting to see if her owner would pick her up though, so we waited 2 weeks. On the last day of that 2 weeks, we headed to the pound to pick her up, and it turned out her owner's had shown up just earlier that morning! However, they told us there was another dog who was on her last day before euthanasia and asked us if we wanted her. They warned us, she would require some rehabilitation and a lot of training. My parents weren't too happy because they didn't want a dog with issues, but I was sold the minute I heard she was going to be put to sleep the very next day. I convinced them, and that day we brought home Molly!

That's when my passion for rescuing animals started. Molly is the poster dog for rescue. She was near death when the pound got to her. She was all skin and bones, her collar was embedded in her neck, she had been used to train fighting dogs. They fixed her up a bit but she was still quite thin when I got her. I remember the ride home, she sat on my lap, shaking like a leaf. Her ears were back and she had a very sad look in her eyes. She was obviously beaten, very hand-shy, and was not house-trained. She wouldn't eat in front of anyone, she had never been on stairs before, and did not enjoy being pet at all. She was aggressive toward dogs and showed fear aggression when strangers approached. Basically, she had issues.

At 12, I did not yet have the jaded outlook of an adult. My parents doubted I could retrain Molly and did not want to keep her at first. But I was so attached to her from the minute I brought her home that they gave me a chance. And with some training, time, and a LOT of love, she blossomed into the most amazing dog you could imagine. She became well-trained to the point that I could let her off the leash and she'd still listen perfectly. She became very gentle with kids, even babies, and stopped showing aggression to people and dogs. She was my constant companion through my teenage years, and I don't know how I would have lived through that time without her. We grew up together, and today you can find her snuggling on the couch with my daughter, or patiently putting up with our Pit Bull puppy's antics.

I know that a lot of people want a new, fresh puppy who has no history. But I feel that by saving Molly close to adulthood, and after a history of abuse, we did not get a lesser dog at all! In fact, she has such a deep personality. She is so sensitive to our emotions and always knows when someone needs a comforting lick on the hand. She is so well-behaved, and listens because she wants to. I feel like she does it out of gratitude and appreciation, because she knows what it's like to not have food, water, a nice place to sleep, and a family to love her. Also, by getting her as an adult, we did not have to go through the awful chewing stage, which I can tell you is no fun... Aries, our puppy, destroyed so much of our house and belongings in the first few months we had him!! (He is not a rescue pup but his owner could not keep him and he was going to the shelter if we did not adopt him.)

Next time you are thinking of welcoming a new fuzzy family member into your home, I hope you find it in your heart to rescue! Sometimes it can be more challenging, but it's all the more rewarding!!

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Me and my Molly girl!

The kids!


Kristina said…
Yay for Molly! She sounds like a sweet dog.
Hey, there. I started from the bottom of the blog hop , now and there you were. Welcome to this great cause. Malika.
Mary said…
What a beautiful story! I love rescue dogs. I plan to do that soon. So many dogs out there need good homes.
New End Studio said…
Kudos to you and your parents for not giving up on Molly and to the shelter workers who do what they can. A wonderful and inspiring story!
Nekky said…
This story is so inspiring. I hope to do more for these animals.
Pup Fan said…
What an absolutely wonderful story - I loved reading about how you adopted Molly. So inspiring - many people would have overlooked her due to her issues, but with your love, she was able to blossom. :)

Brenda said…
What a great story! Thank you for rescuing a misfortunate baby. You know how special they are. Rock on gf!
Theresa said…
So happy for Molly that you were there to take her in! We rescued our pug Wrigley 4 years ago and though she is still a work in progress, I can't imagine no having her. I love her to pieces :) I agree, rescue dogs are so rewarding!
Your dogs are so lovely. I am glad you were there to save Molly. My pets have always been dogs. Take care and have a good week.
Beth said…
Kudos to your parents for letting you follow your heart!
Molly sounds like a wonderful dog! How awesome that you were able to convince your family to adopt her, and that with a child's determination, you were able to bring her around. THIS is what rescue is all about. :-)
Your boy Aries, is absolutely gorgeous!!

New follower from GFC blog hop. Feel free to stop by for a visit!

marthasteward64 said…
So enjoy Happy Ending : ) Thank you for sharing

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