Saturday Top Five Laughs Blog Hop

Steven and I were reading this week's pregnancy update and it suggested to start talking and singing to the baby. Steven put his mouth to my belly and hum/beat box a loud beat for the baby, "so it would come out with good taste in music." I don't think that's what they meant LOL.

Aaand the rest are Kaylee quotes.

"You'll never find it now, muahahah!"

Kay: "Mommy, what's wrong?"
Me: "Nothing, I just lost my balance."
Kay: "There it is, it's on your legs!"

"Molly doesn't have a penis but Aries does. Aries, your penis is yucky!"

We're at her cousin's first birthday party and their Dachshund (sp?) comes out and Kaylee announces, "That dog looks like a penis!" ((Yeah, my bright idea that teaching her the proper anatomy terms would make potty talk less amusing... Not working out.))

More quotes HERE.


Michelle said…
So funny, Kaylee sounds very entertaining! Pete told me this morning that his penis is his tail :D
Mary said…
Oh my goodness! Kids say the funniest stuff!
The Mom said…
LOL!! These are the things that you will look back on and be so thankful you wrote down!
That is too funny that he was trying to teach the baby to have a beat!! Maybe it will work- you never know! That is too funny- mommy it is on your legs. LOL!!! Kaylee loves the word penis-lol! Such cute laughs!
Krista Morgan said…
What a fun hop! You're house sounds very entertaining :)


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