Thankful Thursday

...that I've been more able to look past what annoys me about Steven (he is so messy!) and focus on more on his good qualities (pretty much everything else).

...that I have such an understanding mom. Don't get me wrong, she nags and has excessive parenting advice, like most other moms. But the nice thing about my mom is if I talk to her and tell her something is bothering me, she will back off. She accepts that my parenting is not going to be the exact same as hers.

...that Kaylee already seems to love her little sibling so much. She talks to the baby every day and checks my belly with her doctor kit lol. I'm hoping this means she won't be too jealous when the baby gets here!

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Theresa said…
Jealous? No, I think she will be a top notch sister. I bet she will want to be the one to take care of the baby! So cute that she is giving you check ups :)
Cami said…
Kaylee sounds so incredibly special and amazing :)

YAY for having an understanding mom..that makes the world a better place <3

Too bad Steve won't learn how to be neat and organized..heehee!

I am thankful for you, name twin!
Buffi Neal said…
your family sounds like so much fun to be around
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