What Makes Your Monday?

Just found this blog hop and I think it's awesome. I'm all for positive thinking, especially on everyone's least favorite day of the week!

So, Steven has started his new work schedule. He woke up with Kaylee while I slept in, then took her to the park while I stayed to do a few chores and bloggy things. He still wakes up early, even though he doesn't get to go to bed until past 1am. He's just an early riser and can't help it, so there's really nothing I can do but take advantage of it... I just feel so guilty that it's so awesome for me and so bad for him lol. Still, being rested and doing the chores in solitude while listening to MY music definitely made my Monday. And it's only temporary, he should get a better schedule in a couple months. :) Then I may have a try a little harder to find something positive in Mondays!

For more blog hops / linkies, go HERE! And for my Monday blog hop, go HERE. :D


Carole said…
Have a good wek Camille. Cheers
Glad you found us :) We host the Make My Morning Blog Hop every Monday so thanks for coming by have a great day!
Cheryl Lage said…
Camille, I am so glad you found Makes My Monday at Twinfatuation!

LOVE the glimpse of goodness you appreciated with the week's onset, and I hope you'll play along often!

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