How Very Pinteresting :D

Some of my latest pins. :)

Source: via Camille on Pinterest

Source: via Camille on Pinterest


Mom on the Make said…
I just love the quotes you picked out. The Be Happy quote with the whale in the background is just so true about life. Happiness is contagious. I think I need to pin this one now. Thank you for sharing!
Cait said…
great pins and super cute blog! you should check out the giveaway im having over at my blog! it ends friday! xo
Love your pins. Especially the cat on the keyboard! Adorable!
Ms. Morgan said…
These are great. I started following your Quotes on Pinterest just now as well. :) I love the "How Very Pinteresting" I might have to steal that ;)
Erin O'Riordan said…
I love the one with the whales - too cute.

The ever-lovely Marilyn Monroe: gone exactly 50 years on August 5, 2012. She's the subject of my Pinterest post this week.

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