Makes My Monday

Steven is blowing bubbles for Kaylee to chase here. :) Seeing them play together always makes my day. He's such a good daddy!


Beautiful pictures Camille! Kaylee was certainly having a whale of a time. Steven is indeed a great dad. Have a wonderful week.
Clairity said…
She looks adorable and having a really great time. I guess it helps to have great parents ;)
Cheryl Lage said…
What wonderful images! Such complete joy...understandable Monday makers for sure!

Thank you so much for playing along!
Brenda Lee said…
She's so beautiful Camille!
Cami said…
Aww these photos are beautiful. She's so full of life & love :)
Lucy said…
Her smile got me smiling :)
Michelle said…
Gorgeous!! My parents gave Peter an awesome bubble machine, it lasted a day because he turned it upside down lol
Annmarie Pipa said…
makes life look fun!
Adorable photos! It looks like she was having a blast!

I wanted to let you know that your blog was featured in this week's Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest

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