[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Our first baby purchase! From a secondhand shop.

We went to Babies R Us right after the secondhand shop. :D Steven watched Kaylee all morning while I was shopping. <3

I gave Kaylee a haircut!

She is not into getting her picture taken these days.


"I'm a grown up, I have a mustache!"

Kaylee didn't finish her ice cream cone so Aries got lucky lol. He's really pink because he got a sunburn. :(

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Brandi Yee said…
Adorable!! I love the baby clothes...aahhhh, bringing back memories lol. Kaylee is sooo cute :)
Mary said…
Love getting new baby clothes! Your getting close!
Brenda Lee said…
Clothes and Kaylee are adorable but poor Aries. Have you sunscreen for him?
Tat said…
Very cute clothes! I haven't visited for a while and I've missed some of he story, but I take it you are having a girl?
Tat said…
Oh, and you've got a name already (just had a look at your Watch baby #2 Grow. Picking a name would have to be the hardest thing about having a baby. My hubby and I are finding it impossible to agree on one!
Awww, something about little tiny clothing is just so cute! Your daughter is so adorable and I'm not sure if I've ever noticed a dog being sunburned before, but at least he gets some ice cream...
Clairejustine said…
Arr love your baby clothes,great pictures,lol looks Aries is loving the cone :)
Anna said…
Looks like you found some great stuff! :)
Rachel said…
I love tiny baby clothes. So sweet and exciting!!
kingsimba said…
Very cute baby clothes! Looks like someone really enjoyed the rest of that ice cream! :) I hopped on your blog via the Wordless Wednesday blog hop! :)
Cute clothes finds. And awww, I don't think I've ever seen a sunburned pup before. I hope the ice cream cooled him down! ^.^

♥ aquariann
Featured Photo: Black-eyed Susans
Oh dear, I had no idea doggies could get sunburned!
Theresa said…
Awwww on the baby clothese! Pretty soon there will be a baby to fill them in :)

Poor Aries! Hope the sunburn doesn't hurt too bad. He sure deserves some ice cream to take his mind off of it!
Paula Miller said…
Baby clothes!!!! Exciting :)

Hope your dog feels better. Never thought about dogs getting a sunburn :( Poor thing.


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