[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

We babysit my grandma's Yorkie, Maggie, when she has doctor appointments. :)

I put a bow in her hair. >xD

"I'm gonna drive, tell Daddy to get in my car seat."

She wanted to put on baby socks. Oh well, they pretty much fit.


Time for a tea party!

This dog is so patient.

She loves her new laptop from Nene (my mom).

They were all snuggled up, but Aries moved when he heard me taking a picture.

Prissy looking at me unhappily because I accidentally dumped her hay on her head heheh.

Kaylee's afternoon snack. And she finished it all too!

I was waiting for Steven to fold and put away his clothes... This is what his dresser looked like before I gave in and did it myself lol!

Why do the shoes always end up *next* to the shoe basket? -_-

This spider is smart. It disappears every day and makes a web next to our porch light every night. Look how many moths it catches!

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Mamaw Bee said…
Maggie is the cutest little doggie I have ever seen. Love it. Don't blink or your little driver will really be driving before you know it. She is a doll. If you figure out the mystery on the shoes, let me know. Mine always make it to the front of the shoe rack in my closet, but never on my rack. LOL. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Lindsay said…
That yorkie is toooo cute! I've always wanted one.
Ugochi said…
Your little girl is a cutie!
Precious photos! I want to babysit Maggie. ^.^

♥ aquariann
Featured Photo: Sweet Potato Duck
Clairejustine said…
Lovely pictures,how sweet is the pink bow in grandmas dog :)
Theresa said…
Maggie is so adorable! Our neighbors have a few yorkies. They are little escape artists. At least once a week I see them chasing their dogs down the road lol. Let's hope Maggie is better behaved than theirs :)
Love the little pink bow, looks adorable!! And so does your gorgeous daughter with her little baby socks on :-) My (stubborn) daughter is always and forever trying to 'squeeze' herself into her old baby clothes, I've got no idea why.
Thanks for sharing your pics today!
Happy Wednesday :-)
What sweet photos, your little girl is adorable as usual! And Prissy looks a little puzzled, but tolerant, she and the dogs are such cuties too.
Ai Sakura said…
aww lovely photos! and the doggie does look so cute with the bow ;p

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
ha ha the shoes end up like that at our house too! so close to the basket! I'm a new follower of your blog :)
Veronica Lee said…
Totally the cutest WW pics I have seen so far!!

Happy Thursday!

BTW - You asked how I source those interesting finds on my blog - I am a compulsive and gratuitous googler!
Paula Miller said…
Now I want a Yorkie! My two cats would prob protest though.

Hope your having a good week!! And thanks for retweeting my WW tweets!!!

Michelle G said…
Your daughter looks like you! Prissy does look peeved! LOL Thanks for joining me for the Twitter hop!! Hope you are having a great Thursday. :)
Echo said…
Hello Camille,
We just discovered your blog from blogpaws WW coment ^^
What a sweet 2 & 4 leggers familly !!

I love the pictures of your daughter on the car, so cute <3

I'll definitly follow your blog !

Take care.

Maïté (Echo & Link's momma ^^)
stlavonlady said…
What sweet pictures. Did that all happen in one day? Pretty exciting? :)

Thanks for linking up for Thursday's Blog Hop and following me! I am returning the favor! Have a great night. Julie
Katlyn Larson said…
If I saw a spider like that I would have a freakin' heart attack!!! It is rather smart though I guess even though it's gross, haha!

Wonderful pictures! Kaylee certainly knows how to have fun. Her snack looks so yummy! No surprise that she ate it all!:) What a lovely dog your mom has!
Flea said…
Did Prissy take part in the snacking? Looks yummy.
Kristen said…
That's one great snack!! That's more like what I'd like to feed my kids for lunch. They've only just now started eating baby carrots. And that laptop!! McKenna just got one for her birthday (7/27) the same exact one!! Fun! We couldn't get the computer to "link " to it tho, stubborn. I think it came broken, lol. Oh well, she likes it just the same.

Love your pics :))
anotherjennifer said…
Great pics. Love the tea party!

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