Photo Dump

Kaylee having a hard time waking up in the morning. xD


Our dogs are so tortured.

Steven took these while they were waiting for me to come out of the doctor.

I found it odd that the waiting room didn't have any toys.

Oh well, they seemed to have fun anyway.



Molly really wishes she could eat the hamster.

All tatted up!

Our Lego house.

See, Mommy can think of awesome things too. >_>

Kaylee put on these headphones and asked me, "Do I look fancy as hell?" I wanted to tell her that's not a nice thing to say but all I could do was crack up. xD I have no idea where she picked that one up!


S. Franklin said…
Kaylee is sooo adorable and I can tell she has a big personality!
Rachel-Ann said…
love the photo's, especially the last one. Tristan wears our gaming head sets all the time. she is so adorable <3
Oh yes, that poor dog is so beset upon! Not getting to eat the hamster and adorned with stuffed animals... lol...

Your daughter looks so loved and happy, it's very sweet.
Paula Miller said…
Nice photos! I love the last one where she made the funny comment. Made me laugh! Haha!

Jamie said…
Oh my gosh, she is so cute!
I nearly spit soda out of my nose when I got to "Do I look fancy as hell?" LOL!!! Kids say the darndest things :)
Theresa said…
I tend to look like that every morning too. LOVE the tats :)

And sometimes you know you are just so fancy it's ok to add a little profanity to your question lol.
Kristen said…
haha Love these pics. I just want to have your daughter come play with mine. She reminds me so much of McKenna. She even looks tiny like my 3 yr old. & the baby she's holding at the Dr that her "BABY" that is her one and only love? Same doll is McKenna's one and only BABY that she love love loveeees. And it is never allowed to get bather (washedin the washer). The one time I did, she stood next to the washer asking to look in, she was so upset baby was getting a bath. lol.

Xmasdolly said…
She's just a cutie pie for sure and what fun to watch her play step by step. Thanks for sharing.
Nekky said…
I can relate to that. I'm always having hard time waking up. My girl loves tattoos too.
Michelle said…
Kaylee is like me in the morning. Love the tatts. I laughed out loud at the fancy as hell :)
Amy Powell said…
oh man I feel like that most mornings!!!
Jen said…
She is just so adorable! It's so nice to wake up to a little girl like that :)

I found you in the blog hop and followed you via GFC. I hope you can also visit my blog. It's at :)

Pam List said…
The headphone shot is awesome. And yes, she is looking pretty fancy. lol


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