Thankful Thursday!!

...for Unisom. I don't usually take OTC meds but I'm taking half a Unisom every night before bed now. It gives me a full night of sleep (aside from waking up to pee lol) and it gets rid of my nausea. It's awesome stuff, people.

...for a patient and forgiving husband. I am so tired all the time and not the best wife lately, but he is totally understanding and supportive. <3

...that baby Brynna is still healthy and doing well in there. In just 5 weeks, I'll be 28 weeks, which is the beginning of the third trimester! So exciting. ^_^

...that I have the sweetest little girl in the whole world. Kaylee read her 3 favorite books to my belly yesterday and I just about melted into a puddle. And she includes me in her bedtime prayers, which she thought to do with no prompting whatsoever. I love being a mommy. :)

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Heidi said…
oh that is so sweet that you little girl is reading to your tummy!!
Living in Heels said…
How precious!!
I'm so glad I found you on the Thursday Blog hop-- Your family is adorable and I look forward to reading more!!
We just started our new blog and think you might like it:
tracie said…
Stopping in from the blog hop. I love your blog. So glad there are other mother's willing to write about mental health!!

Glad your pregnancy is going fairly well. I'm about 13 weeks behind you. Lucky for finally being the 3rd trimester!!

Rachel said…
yay for the third trimester!!
Awww, how sweet!! Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk !! :)
Laura Railing said…
Camille! Thank you so much for linking up! I love your post! What a moment to remember and share, having her read to your belly. That is super sweet :)
Vanessa said…
I miss SO much when I don't blog hop for awhile!! How exciting to be expecting again!! Yay for the third trimester!! :)
Clairejustine said…
Arr so sweet,glad everything is going great :)
BeaumontGirl said…
Lovin this blog!!!! so glad I found it! Following you :)
Cami said…
Patiences from ANYONE is definitely something to be super thankful for :) You're right!

Sorry I AM SO LATE!!! I am getting so bad at commenting lately and I feel terrible. Life is just nuts - for the best - sometimes. Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday with First Day of My Life <3

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