Thankful Thursday!

...for my family and in laws. They are so generous and just great in general! I'm glad Kaylee is growing up surrounded by soo much love. Brynna is gonna be one lucky kid when she gets here too. :)

...for an amazing husband who occupied a very hyper 3 year old for 2 hours so I could focus on shopping this morning! He spends all his time either with Kaylee or at work, literally. I try to give him a break to play his video games but he says he feels bad and wants to play with her after a little while. Talk about a good dad!!

...for this silly kid. She loves dancing to "That's What Makes You Beautiful" and "Super Bass." I don't know where she gets all her dance moves, lol!

It's impossible to be unhappy when I look at that sweet face. :)

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I love the dancing pictures. My little girl is always dancing!
Lindsay said…
I love that song "Super Bass". She is growing so fast!! And what a wonderful hubby you have to allow you time to shop!! :)
Anna said…
Awww...she's adorable!
Katie said…
yeah for such a good dad/husband! and she is so cute!!
I love those moves! She really has the hip shake down doesn't she? What a lucky and blessed Momma you are!
Too cute! Yay for good daddies!
Cami said…
I LOVE her little yellow outfit :) How precious.
I am thankful kiddo is surrounded by such love...she'll be such a doll when she grows up :) esp with a momma like you!!
Your photos of her always make my day :)

Thanks for linking up..hope you had a beautiful day! <3
Theresa said…
She's a dancing machine! My kids are all over both of those songs too. So much so, I really want to ban them from the house lol.
ms.composure said…
those images are just 2 cute!!!! it is always nice to find something to be thankful for!!
Vivian said…
She is darling!

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