Toddle Along Tuesday - My Favorite Baby Things

I could make a giant list of all the things I found helpful when I had Kaylee. A bassinet when she first came home, a Pack N Play when we traveled, a baby swing when I was washing the dishes, etc. But beyond the obvious things, my favorite baby product is probably My Pal Violet. In the newborn stage, it's great because it has a paw you can push for up to 10 minutes of lullaby music. I love that because I don't have to get up and turn off a music player after she falls asleep. Then when they get older, they can use the other 2 paws, songs and games (the fourth paw is just the power button). When Kaylee learned to press the paws herself, it became a great toy for car rides. You can customize it and Kaylee loves that is says her name, and knows her favorite food and color. Now that she's 3, she still likes it, and sings along with all the songs. We still use the lullaby feature sometimes. She has the old version, Leapfrog apparently updated them to have more features now. I'm not sure what they are, but I plan on getting one for Bebe #2 so we shall see. :)

18 month old Kaylee! ^_^

Aaand Violet has worked her magic. :D


Brandi Yee said…
I don't think I've heard of those, but they sound so cute and effective! Wish I would have had something similar when my kids were babies to snuggle with and say their name :)
Carina has Violet, too! I haven't updated her EVER she still says that her favorite food is Milk. LOL I should get on that...
Alyssa said…
Super cute! Good to know!! (: Visiting from the blog hop! Have a great week!

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