Fill In The Blank Friday

1. I like to complain when I am sick.
2. Corn is my favorite vegetable. (Does that even count?)
3. I get grouchy when I am sick!
4. I’m surprised by how much being sick stinks when you're pregnant and how much of a whiny brat I'm being today, lol.

1. Right now the weather where I live is pretty perfect.
2. The best piece of advice I've been given is I can't think of anything in particular right now, but I'm sure whatever it was I received it from my husband!
3. My most favorite person in all the world is I can not pick one person... That is too hard!!!!
4. If I were to have a "mission statement" for my life, it would be I don't know, at this point I just want to be a good mommy and person in general.
5. My most favorite item in my closet is nothing right now, I feel fat in everything.
6. The best cure for a bad day is snuggles.
7. Today is blah.


Very interesting post Camille! I also complain a bit when I feel sick!:) Take care and have a good weekend.
Kristina said…
Aw, sorry you're sick.
The weather is pretty perfect here, too. Really, I should be outside.
Tami Marie said…
Cute post. I am sorry that you are sick, I am just getting over the flu. Today has been blah for me too. :(

Hopefully your weekend turns out much better.

xo Tami
Hilary said…
chuckles - corn doesn't count :) not a veggie
Anna said…
Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun! :(
I so get your feelings and the blah answers it is hard to think straight when the sickies are so present :))
Hang in there girlie it won't be forever :]
Paula Miller said…
Oh no I hope you feel better soon!! Being sick while pregnant is the worst! You get a free pass to complain all you want :)

Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)

I'm here from the hop. So sorry you're sick, especially when the weather is beautiful. Don't mean to be insulting, but your post really did make me laugh. We all have days like that, hope tomorrow's better.
Carole said…
Camille - feeling like that just shows that Brynna is getting ready to make her entrance soon. Just get to that snuggling! Take care.

Ps I have forgotten your due date - yesterday I booked a trip away in mid October - hope it doesn't all happen when I'm away!
Clairejustine said…
Hope your feeling better today :)thanks for linking up with us ...
Hilary Johnson said…
Hope you're feeling better! And being a good mommy is a great mission statement ... it will last a lifetime. I still need mine and I am every so grateful she is still here!
mail4rosey said…
Aww, I hope you feel better soon. :)
Roshni AaMom said…
Love the fill in the blanks concept!! Especially like the one about the best piece of advice is something that you don't remember but probably something your husband gave you!! :D

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