Flashback Friday - Missy and Kirby :)

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!! :)

These are my mom's dogs, Kirby and Missy. :)

We raised them from 4 weeks old; they were abandoned in front of a small pet store and the guy who owned it gave them to us.

All growed up!

I think they are 9 years old now. I can't believe how time flies!


Gee, look at these cute dogs! Thanks for hosting Camille and have a good weekend.
This really shocked me - I had a dog who looked exactly like the one on the left, I mean exactly!! His name was Bandit and I lost him two years ago from seizures.

Great pictures and adorable dogs!!
Xmasdolly said…
Thanks for hosting. I guess you do yours in the morning huh? I'll make a note of that. I'm a night person. Oh well at least we joined. Love the puppies yes & don't blink cuz then you have an old puppy like my black lab. She'll be 10 in December. Have a great weekend.
Lucy said…
Ah, your dogs are adorable,love the scarves on them. Cute photos of when they were puppies and now all poised in adulthood LOL

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