Flashback Friday!

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!! :)

Then: Aries at 9 weeks old. ^_^

Now: Aries at a year and a half old (and 50 pounds)!

It's been hard raising a puppy and toddler at the same time. Potty training almost killed me! But seeing their bond has made it so worth it. <3 PS I mentioned in my last post that Kay was coming down with something and it was just a 24 hour bug. She's feeling better now! :)


Millie said…
Glad to know that Kaylee is feeling better!Am sure she will like the dance class next week!And Aries has really grown!
going to have to join in this next friday. what a cute photo and how quickly time flies.
Lisa @ akawest said…
I'm a new Linky follower, who enjoys reading about life. Give my blog a visit, if you'd like to meet me.

Hi Camille,
I hope Kaylee will be fully recovered soon. Lovely pictures. Aries has grown a lot! Kaylee certainly treats him well!:) Have a great weekend.
Debbie said…
Oh how cute! Puppies are so adorable.
And they are like kids - they grow up too fast.
Lindsay said…
Glad to hear she's doing better!! :) Love the puppy pics!!
Xmasdolly said…
Glad to hear it was only a 24 hr. bug & she's better. It's nice that they kinda grow up together. I'm sure he'll protect her too!
Theresa said…
Such cuties! Glad she is feeling better!

Have a great weekend!
They are both totally adorable!!! I keep thinking I need to do this, next week I'm going to!
Fresh Mommy said…
They are both too cute! I couldn't imagine having a puppy and little one at the same time! Hands full!! Good job mama! :)

Marina said…
Aww, how small he was! :)
Lucy said…
Ah, Glad it was just a 24hr. bug.

The photos are cute and you are so right those two will have a lasting bond :)
Sherlinda Dix said…
Thanks for linking up to hop. Aries is cute! :D Your children and the puppy look to be a great combination.

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