Mostly Thankful Thursday :P

I think I cursed myself when I said I'm starting to sleep better in my last pregnancy update. I haven't been able to sleep at all tonight! It wasn't heartburn, but arm pain. No matter how I laid, my right arm kept hurting more and more, like a throbbing ache. I looked it up and I think it's pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. Add that to the giant list of pregnancy symptoms I've had so far. I think I'm going for a record.

So anyway, I took a pain killer, which worked but made me nauseous. I figured I'd do my Thankful Thursday post while waiting for my stomach to settle enough to go back to sleep. Sometimes, like today, I feel like skipping it and just doing a giant complaining post. But honestly, it always cheers me up to think positive, and ranting never really helps me.

...for pain killer! Even though it made me feel sick. That arm pain was just unbearable!

...that Kaylee sleeps through the night every night now. When she does wake up, she just comes in as quietly as a mouse, snuggles up to me, and goes right back to sleep. Melts my heart!!

...that Brynna is so active. I never get a chance to worry about her because she's never still for long. It keeps me awake sometimes but it's worth it. I remember worrying for hours when Kaylee wouldn't move.

...that we're going to have 2 little girls!!! Don't get me wrong, I'd have LOVED a little boy, but I think there is something special about the sister bond. And although I really wanted to have our kids with a smaller age gap, I think they will still be close. Kay is sooo excited to be a big sister. :)

...that I'm confident as a parent now. I remember when I was pregnant with Kay and when she was a baby, I was so defensive of our parenting decisions. I felt like everyone was judging us because we were young. Now I just really don't care anymore what other people think. Anyone who judges parents just based on age is dumb anyway.

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Carole said…
You go girl. Soon you will look back and say it was all super worth it. We are all cheering for you!
Carole said…
Ps having had years of sleep troubles I recommend just thinking about your body fom toes up as being still and centered - work your way up until you are asleep or bored. Good luck
hate when other people judge, mothers should all be supporting each other not critiquing and breaking each other down.

Anyway, great thankful list babe, I am thankful for my gentleman son who loves to hold open the door for me. I am thankful for a man who chose to go to the fair with his family instead of playing football.
mail4rosey said…
Agreed! We had our youngest child when we were too old to have him by other people's standards, but...we don't care. We deliberately made the decision to have him and he's a HUGE blessing to our family. :)

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great!
becca said…
what a wonderful list of things to be thankful for
Come Say HI
Sara Bell said…
I am only 9 weeks along so this was very fun and interesting for me to read. Well, as much fun as reading about your inevitable doom can be. =P
I am trying to train myself to sleep on my side now and I hate it! My shoulders and hips hurt so bad in the mornings! I put a pillow between my knees at night but it doesn't seem to help the hips... and whichever shoulder I lie on always aches in the morning.
My husband and I are not THAT young, but we are younger than most first-time parents these days (or at least it seems that way) and I am already feeling a little defensive about our decisions... but you're right, anyone who judges parents based on their age instead of, well, their parenting, is very dumb indeed!
Lanaya Cooper said…
I had that same sensation in my hands late in my pregnancy...I would wake up with my fists closed so tightly! And the pain...uuggh!

I'm a new follower from Bloglovin Return the Favor Hop.

Would love for you to visit me over at Raising Reagan!

Raising Reagan
Theresa said…
Oh yes, nothing is as precious as the sister bond. That is, until one steals the other one's barbies or make up. Then it's on lol.

Sorry you aren't sleeping well. I do hope you are able to catch up on your sleep before the new baby arrives!
Angel Tanedo said…
Sending CHEERIOs!! its good that you got back to your feet as quickly as you can and turned your negative thoughts into sweet and positive ones!! thats super great! I havent gotten pregnant yet (its still early to get pregnant for us who just got married last march this yr) so I dont know what consolation I can offer.. just keep your smiles comin and aha always be reminded that Kaylee you lil girl has the sweetest smile of all!!
Xmasdolly said…
Hope you're feeling better! Careful with the painkillers & if you try a little camomile tea it works wonders. As far as heartburn did you ever here of gum called chooz? It was the only thing that helped mine when I was pregnant. Now I take Prilosac it's the best. Too fall asleep - reading puts me to sleep every time. LOL
Xmasdolly said…
Oh what am I thankful for... for finding a new cardiologist being as mine decided to up and change jobs with no warning & I thought we were buds. Goes to show ya can't trust anybody. He's nice, but a bit young. So we'll see. Mostly I'm thankful for life. The quality of life is up to you, and so far I've had my ups & downs like everyone so I thank God every day for giving me one more day and four my wonderful husband and children.
Lucy said…
The sister bond can be a wonderful bond and there is something about having the second child that is a little more calming, you know, you have done it now, so you trust yourself. Good luck with getting some rest here towards the end, not an easy thing in the last trimester, hang in there :)

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