[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Newborn baby Kaylee! Lol, I will have to get a better picture of the bassinet once I clean it. (Yes, I am OCD about that type of thing, I even wash brand new things and this is from the thrift store.)

Kaylee disturbing poor Molly's nap!

I don't usually cook, but when I do... I take pictures! xD

Arie Berry, fresh from his bath.

Steven was carrying a dog bone in his mouth because his hands were full hahah.

You should see this dog eat a bone. He demolishes it in under 5 minutes!

Is it just me or does he lay weirdly??

We have a lot of tea parties in this house.

Ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. >=)

This is how I ate my waffles yesterday... Yeah, my sweet tooth has been kicking in lately!

Her smile makes me smile, every single time. :)

Oh don't pretend to be shy now!


Kisses for one of my mom-in-law's adorable kitties!

My grandma and her doggie, Maggie. :)

She's not a giant Yorkie, Grandma is just tiny!

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Those are some great photos! Now I am hungry for waffles :)
Rebecca Rider said…
Your daughter is adorable!! And your dog is adorable too!! Those waffles look really tasty - I think I'm ready for some breakfast. :)
Party Of Four said…
Adorable pics. But now I'm hungry for a banana split 8)
Tami Rebekah said…
Hi from Hello Cotton! What a sweet family you have!! So glad you are sharing!! Ill be keeping up!!
QueenMomJen said…
Oh my gosh crack up central, the dog bone picture, the daddy/daughter tea party, the all about beer magazine read a-thon. Way too funny!!!
Neisa said…
Thanks so much for stopping in at my blog and leaving the nice comment. Your daughter is adorable! I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you :)
Lindsay said…
Oooh, the food looks delish!!
She is just so totally adorable! And those food pictures....yum!
I think it's just amazing how much pictures can say. Yours show all the love you clearly feel for the people and the pets in your life.
Jenny said…
Great pictures! Thanks for linking up with favorite thing. Your little one is so cute :)

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