[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!



A couple of our recent thrift store finds.

Kaylee's special dolls: Favorite Baby, Bottle Baby, and Bedtime Baby.

This dog sure knows how to get comfortable.

Demon! Or cyborg?

After 1 bite of each food, she was done, and insisted she wanted sausage for lunch instead. Ah the joys of raising a picky eater...

My crazy kiddo lol.

Stick bug!

Just my backyard...

Naughty Molly has been digging under the porch.

This is my craving lately, Jello with fruit and whipped cream!!

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Katie said…
cute pictures!! she is adorable!
Mary said…
She is such a cutie! I fear I'm getting a picky eater on my hands too.... Yikes!
Great pics. Wonder how having a sibling will go. My son was the pickiest eater ever, he only ate chicken nuggets, pizza, fruit (thank goodness) and lobster!
Wonderful pictures Camille! Kaylee is so cute. Her dolls are lovely. It is always good to see your dogs. My pets are also dogs. On this hot night in Jamaica I could have some of the Jello with fruit and whipped cream!:) Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
Paula Miller said…
Love the pics of the stick bug and the dog! My girl is a picky eater too and I HATE it!! Grrr.

Happy WW!
Rebecca Rider said…
Love the pics of your little girl! Looking at your sidebar, I see that she won't be your only one for long, is she ready for big-sister-hood yet?
Lisa @ akawest said…
You have a pretty backyard, too! It looks huge. Thanks for following. I am following you back.

Clairity said…
Ew, that stickbug really freaked me out. It's huge, it's monstrous... aaargh, I'm outta here LOL.
myshelomitashop said…
I love your backyard girl! Feel like having a picnic there :D
Veronica Lee said…
Love the pics! Your little girl is adorable!

Happy Wednesday!
Your daughter is a cutie pie! My little girl has a bunch of babies dolls like them too.
OMG what a cutie. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dog who sits on the couch and kid who crawls all over it.
Love her face while eating, precious.
Brandi Yee said…
Love the pictures! She's getting so big, what a cutie! And that's hilarious that you're craving jello w/ fruit and whip cream hehe. YUM!
Haddock said…
Like that picture "my crazy kiddo"
Only kids can do that !!
Lucy said…
Love seeing the story in pictures :)
Clairejustine said…
Lovely pictures,how sweet are the baby grows :)
That is a great day you had. I love the demon or cyborg picture!
Great pics!


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