Pickles & Ice Cream!

When I was pregnant with Kaylee, I suddenly LOVED avocados. It was the weirdest thing because I hated them before! (And I've loved them ever since.) Other than that, I really wanted Mexican food all the time. My husband made a lot of midnight Taco Bell runs, which isn't like real Mexican food but it's the best I could get that late!

During this pregnancy, I have had a ton of cravings. I really wanted sour cherries in a jar for a while there (the kind from Trader Joe's). Last week I wanted a bacon cheeseburger, which I usually think is pretty gross. (I do like burgers and bacon but together that is too meaty and greasy.) Now the other day, I had the weirdest craving yet. Peas! I don't really like peas, I will eat them mixed with other things but they are meh. But I really wanted peas, and they had to be canned, really hot, and with extra butter. I ate 2 cans of them!!

My bloggy friend Rebecca had this awesome idea for a link-up. Join in the fun at one of my favorite blogs, Let Them Eat Cake. :)


becca said…
i never craved anything while pregnant with my son however I so crave chocolate daily just due to my addiction to it

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Kristina said…
Canned peas! That is funny.
I didn't really have cravings with my son, but I did start liking broccoli, which was on my most-hated list before becoming pregnant. And I still like broccoli!
Rebecca Rider said…
Hehe... I'd never heard of anyone craving peas! When I was pregnant, I craved milk - I'd drink a gallon every few days!
It goes by so fast. Your tummy looks so smooth! I want a baby again now after reading this.
rebecca said…
Peas huh? Crazy how that happens. At least it's something healthy and not crap! I'm not a fan of peas either. But I do eat them if I have to. I love that you crave them...doesn't pregnancy do the oddest things to us? Thanks so much for linking up with me
I love that picture of belly and toes! super cute! My second baby is crazy active right now- so i can totally relate to your comment and your sweet girl just popping right out. ;) i love the name you guys picked out btw! (We are keeping ours a secret until he's born. Ya know- just to annoy the grandparents.) Yay for new preggo bloggy pals!

I seriously started with the avocado when pregnant with my first, too!

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