Saturday Top Five Laughs

"Your boobies dance when you walk, Mommy!"

"My book is broken. Daddy, go get your multi-tool." She thinks her daddy can fix anything lol.

"Don't teach me that or I'll do it in public!"

"I'm really expensive."

"Mommy, you like cleaning, for sure!" Oh yeah, I love it hahah.

All quotes from Kaylee, of course. That kid is my daily comic relief, dunno what I'd do without her!

For more of Kaylee's quotes, click HERE. :)


rebecca said…
Children say the most craziest things don't they? Why is it they always also assume that we like to clean? I like having a clean house... there is a difference. I just don't like to clean it LOL
Carole said…
Just what is a multi tool? Or don't I want to know?
Renee said…
Lol!! What a cutie!!
mail4rosey said…
The kiddos are hilarious! Your weekly funnies are great. :-)
Carrie Stickney said…
I can't believe she told you not to teach her that or she would do it in public! That is fantastic!!
Lucy said…
"I'm really expensive." Now that is too cute. These are funny!
I actually spit out my tea babe...just too funny.
Rachel said…
Love it! Number 3 is hilarious!
Too funny- your boobies dance. I would be on the floor! Aw- she thinks her daddy is a star- I love it! Haha don't all of us mommy love to clean- really,lol:) She is so cute. Love reading your laughs. So funnY!

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