Thankful Thursday!

As much as I want to complain about heartburn keeping me from getting nearly enough sleep last night, I *am* thankful. I'm thankful that Steven is going into work late every day this week and he can spend time with us in the morning, and that Kaylee and I are finally over our lingering cough.

I'm also thankful that it's Autumn and we're starting to have cooler weather. I can't wait to go to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, do the corn maze, go on a hayride, and all that good stuff. And I can't wait to see what Kaylee dressed up in an adorable Halloween costume. ^_^ Also, my good friend from Australia will be visiting us for a couple weeks in October, so it's going to be a fun Autumn! Then in November, there will be Thanksgiving, my birthday, and of course, Brynna making her debut!! I can't wait. :)

Listing what I'm grateful for never fails to cheer me up. Soo, what are you thankful for??

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Theresa said…
Today I am having a hard time finding things to be thankful for. I am glad I came here and got a little reminder that there are still little joys to be found in every single day :)
Angel Tanedo said…
Cheers! and its good to know that you are completely cough - free ;-) stay healthy.. I cant wait to see your daughter's Halloween costume.. ;-)

stay positive and keep that smiles comin! cheers!
Lisa @ akawest said…
Halloween is so much fun for kids. I like seeing the costumes, especially the girly ones.

The things making me smile are hearing that my kids are doing well.
Jamie said…
SQUEEEE Fall! I am also SO excited about all of those Autumn things!! I've been to an Apple Orchard with my Kindergarten class once but I've never gone to one with my little family. I can't wait!! yay yay yay


Lucy said…
Always good to look at the bright spots in the day :)
Patricia Hinkel said…
Hi! here from the the Friendly Friday Blog hop. I'm going to follow you follow me back if you would like to. Thank you.

Patricia from
I love fall, too - the beautiful leaves, smells of apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin, and bonfires and wienie roasts :)
tracie said…
As a fellow pregnant, I am so thankful for the cooler weather too!!
mail4rosey said…
I'm thankful that I read your uplifting post so full of gratitude. It's really nice. :)
Anna said…
I'm thankful for fall too! It's my favorite!

I'm also thankful that any time now, my little boy will make his debut! ;)
Elisia allen said…
Hi new follower from would love a follow back!!!
I love fall too. I'm thankful for waking up to this beautiful day!
Cami said…
I CANNOT wait for the fall weather, either. AHH :)
Enjoy it for me until we get some here..pleaseee ;)

Hope you had a great weekend! <3 Thanks for linking up!

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