What Makes My Monday?

- Not being sick anymore.
- Unexpected tv and cuddle time with Steven this morning. :3
- Hanging out with my grandma and Kaylee this afternoon.
- Jello with fruit and whipped cream. Yummm.
- Music!
- Hitting 30 weeks pregnant (well, I will in 2 days!!)


Jamie said…
30 weeks... youre getting close!
Your week has started great Camille! Continue to have good times.
Lucy said…
I love Adele! 30 weeks, oh, my you are getting so close!!!
Glad you are feeling better and your week is starting out on good notes!!!
rebecca said…
I wish we got cuddle tv time. My husband hates that. I'm a sucker for it. And not being sick is always a plus!
Nekky said…
I wish I could cuddle in front of TV too but I have to think of doing school runs, households and going to work.
You are having a good start - Enjoy it.

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